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Steve Freides

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since Kettlebell Simple and Sinister is such a popular program, I've created a place for you to help us organize S & S Frequently Asked Questions. If there was something you thought, on your own or from reading the forum, that might have benefitted from a more detailed explanation in the book, or just a different explanation, this is the place to say so.

Once this area is open for a little while, we might just leave it or we might to review it and prepare something a little more formal. Whatever the case, your input is solicited.

Please see my next post for a sample question.

You do _not_ have to have an answer! We just want to know your questions, and other forum members are free to respond with their answer or not. While your answers would, no doubt, make an interesting discussion, our purpose is just to find out what you think might have benefitted from more coverage in the Simple and Sinister book.

NB: You'll be required to choose a prefix for your question, so most threads should start with Question and the responses can be whatever you think is appropriate for what you're writing. This will allow you to start a thread here that's _not_ a question if you feel that best serves you.

StrongFirst thanks you in advance for this.

Closed Thread. (Continue Discussion of This Topic by Starting a New Thread.)
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