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Off-Topic Simple Game Changers


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  • .OS resets.
  • Deep lunge with thoracic rotation.
  • one arm bridge.
  • hindu squats.
  • OS rocking hindu push up.
  • banded good mornings with band around neck.
  • full contact twist with band.
  • just getting the workout in
  • stop stressing if you miss the workout every now & again.
  • Mass building potential of only doing double C&P
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Ian CL

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I went down a foot health rabbit hole a couple years ago. I had already been training barefoot, but once I ditched traditional footwear for minimalist/barefoot my feet changed quite rapidly. At that time I was walking 5-7km most days and on my feet a lot at work. I was also rolling with a lacrosse ball and wearing toes spreaders at times. Within a short period I noticed my feet had increased in size and strength. I found it improved my ground connection during KB movements.

I would say that was the biggest game changer for me. It was uncomfortable at first but I seemed to adapt pretty quickly. I'd recommend a more gradual approach.
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