Simple goal reached, strong but still fat :/

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Andrej SK, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Andrej SK

    Andrej SK Double-Digit Post Count

    Hi gentlemen,

    This week I finally reached the Simple S&S goal with 32 kg KB. I did 100 one hand swings in 5 min followed by 10 TGUs in 10 minutes. It took me about 7 months to reach that but I have to admit that I wasnt consistent in my training, jumping here and there, pausing...for the last few weeks I was only working out 2x per week. But Im glad I finally made it ! I feel that the program made me stronger than Ive ever been. Im also a bit bigger, however, I didnt manage much to loose the fat. Especially around my belly. So Im strong and bulky rather than strong and athletic :) Can you give me some advice what should I do besides changing eating habits ? For example do more Swings, do cardio, whatever. Thats one question. My second question you suggest to progress toward sinister 48 kg goal and stay with SnS or to go for ROP ? Which of the two has more benefits for daily life and athletic posture ? Thank you, gentlemen (and ladies) for advices :)
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  2. LejonBrames

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    Are you saying you've already changed your eating habits, or you're unwilling to?

    Because that's going to be the biggest factor
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  3. Oscar

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    Aside from eating habits, and since you have achieved Simple, maybe the following program would be good for you for conditioning and fat loss. It has a higher volume of swings which should help with that.

    From “Simple” to Serious Endurance
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  4. Sean M

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    Fat loss without dietary change is ultimately going to be counter-productive. Cardio makes you hungry, no way around it.

    What worked for me was simply not eating from 8pm until 12pm the next day. I didn't "cram" all my previous eating into the resulting 8 hour window though. What I found was by letting my insulin level drops (which happens after about 12 hours with no food, especially carbs which raise blood sugar and stimulate the release of insulin) allowed my fat stores to be released for energy - so I wasn't hungry and had plenty of energy. I lost 30 pounds by doing this and cutting back on sweets during the week. I did this while progressing with S&S, so it didn't compromise strength gain.
  5. Doug Drinen

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    I am interested in this topic as well.

    Since I started following an S&S-like plan, I have steadily gained weight. No doubt a lot of it is muscle, but there is a fair bit of added fat too. I am just so so so so so hungry all the time. I have over the years developed a suite of dietary strategies that have worked well for me for a long time. But the level of hunger I've experienced while doing S&S has totally overpowered them. Anyone else have this experience, or have thoughts on how to deal with it?
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  6. LejonBrames

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    Might need more water, fat, and fiber intake
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  7. Andrej SK

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    Well, to be honest, i havent tried to adjust my eating very fact I never did. The only change I did was that I began to work out some time ago...
  8. Pavel Macek

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    Gym - a place to get stronger
    Kitchen - a place to get leaner

    S&S and steak+vegetables - great synergy.
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  9. MarkS

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    I've gained muscle wtihout fat and looking good with S&S.

    I refrain from white carbs - milk, potatoes, bread etc.

    Stick to high protein and good carbs - brown rice, sweet potato.
  10. MarkS

    MarkS Double-Digit Post Count

    When I got rid of the pastas, milk, bread, white rice potatoes etc my body changed and became lean muscle look. Also avoid sugars! Hope this helps.
  11. Harald Motz

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    just being alive makes hungry, again and again. With regards to cardio, whatever that is and the effects on appetite, it all depends...on how one does the "cardio".

    In former days, when I did my running and cycling, I was hungry afterwards, and could not imagine, how to lose weight with doing cardio.

    Last year I learned a lesson or two about "cardio" from Al Ciampa. MAF as a rough guideline, but more so, to do some extended locomotion a few times a week while nose breathing easily. Really tuning into myself into the rhythm of posture, pace and breathing relaxed and easy, without pushing with a red head.

    I did not change my diet. I lost about 10kg of bw, some muscle, but more so of fat. The calories I burned, I had not the urge to replenish, as in former days, as I know now I was to fast more glycolytic, which results in appetite.

    Long story short: there is cardio and there is cardio. Slowing down and spinning the wheels building an aerobic bas over time results in fat loss.
  12. Chrisdavisjr

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    The effects of carbohydrate consumption on weight gain/loss can vary significantly from individual to individual. To find what works for you, you're going to have to experiment.

    As carbohydrates typically make up a significant amount of the food we eat, they're often a good starting point: Rather than trying to cut them out or reduce them drastically, a change in the type of carbohydrate rich foods you eat as well as how you prepare them can make a massive difference.

    The Glycaemic Index (GI) of the foods you're eating is probably something you should start to think about in order to make more informed decisions:
    Glycaemic Index Tables
    I hope this helps!
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  13. Chrisdavisjr

    Chrisdavisjr Helping Make Others Stronger

    Oh, and I forgot to say congratulations on making the Simple standard!
  14. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Helping Make Others Stronger

    Warning this sounds stupid, worked for me... When I actually was doing. Eat healthy food. And eat slowly, mindfully. Eating slowly lets your brain catch up with you stomach. Swing and snatch more.

    Congrats on htting simple.
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  15. ShawnM

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    I don't think of myself as having a few pounds to lose. I think of myself as having my own form fitting body armor.
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  16. Smile-n-Nod

    Smile-n-Nod Strong Member of the Forum

    Roman gladiators were slightly fat, not chiseled like they appear in movies (they were also vegans). The extra fat provided some protection from shallow cuts. So, next time you find yourself in a sword fight with a gladiator, you'll be set.
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  17. Smile-n-Nod

    Smile-n-Nod Strong Member of the Forum

    Just to clarify my comment, I carry a layer of protection against shallow sword cuts, too. :p
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  18. 305pelusa

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    At the risk of being crucified for saying the word, I think you'd actually benefit from High Intensity Interval Training. It's very effective for fat loss and the science backs it up over aerobics.

    Actually the Program Minimum of ETK had Swings more like HIIT, and folks were having great results. Now we got fancier with our "mitochondria-alactic-protocols" which has many benefits. But fat loss is slightly comprised is my understanding.

    Just a thought :)
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  19. Oscar

    Oscar Strong Member of the Forum

    I've had a similar experience as @Harald Motz . Walking and doing that type of breathing I lost a lot of Kg without even trying
  20. Smile-n-Nod

    Smile-n-Nod Strong Member of the Forum

    For me, 10 swings takes about 18 seconds. Doing 10x10 swings in five minutes with a high weigh and with hard-style intensity is pretty similar to HIIT, isn't it?

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