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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by StanStan, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. StanStan

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    Having used the 32 kg for a few months (S&S), and not seeing much improvement on the swing, I decided to get a 40 kg for some of the swings, without trying to pass Simple first.

    Well, it is as if the extra weight woke up my body! Whereas swings with the 32 would lose power set after set in a session, swinging 40 (relatively low - that thing is heavy ;-) ) in the 2nd and 4th sets caused the 3rd and 5th sets with 32 kg to be much more powerful, and easier, reaching eye level rather than shoulder level.

    It is interesting to see this sort of 'priming' effect. (However no plans to integrate the 40 fully for swings and not at all for TGUs at the moment.)
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  2. NoahMarek

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    @StanStan If you are going totally by the book, this may be considered "skipping" simple, but I don't think you need to phrase it that way. S&S is a great template but not a definitive "you must do it this way" kind of program so I think this is a good idea especially if you already have access to the heavier bell/s. I have found that doing heavy 1A swings for sets of 3-5 really makes my primary working weight feel much easier and stronger. Doing floor presses and holding the lockout for a few seconds also has a similarly beneficial effect for the getup. After having 48kg of iron resting on my arm, all of a sudden a 40kg get up doesn't feel so bad ;-)
  3. MikeTheBear

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    I've been known to do some "extended warm up" barbell snatches prior to a session of KB snatches to prime my nervous system. The affect is very real and potent. Yeah, barbell snatches are probably overkill - why not just use a heavy KB? - but I like the movement and want to maintain what little skill I have developed with it.
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  4. StanStan

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    Good thinking on the TGUs, I'll give it a try in a few weeks or months after 'owning' the 32.
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  5. Anna C

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  6. Antti

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    Even if it's not 100% like the program, I think that trying out the 40kg isn't a bad idea. Getting comfortable with an even heavier weight has always helped me make the lighter weight feel, well, lighter, even if it still is the main working weight.
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  7. LejonBrames

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    I'm particularly a fan of this method as well

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