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Hi Guys

Could you have a look at my snatch form please? I've signed up for SFG 1 in October (COVID permitting). This is my snatch rep max testing that I'm testing after a block of 6 weeks of training. I got 16 reps on my left side and 14 on my right. A 4 rep increase from my last RM test.

Thanks in advance


Eric Addis

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A couple things.

On the initial hike, try to keep your body still. For the most part, the only thing that should be moving is the arm, being 'hiked' back by the lat.

Relax the face. Seriously, remove the tension from the neck on up, this will help in a number of ways, but generally make the snatch test suck a bit less.

On the final rep, when placing the kettlebell down, DO NOT place your free hand on your thigh. There are reasons for this, but most inportantly it counts as a "no rep" during the Snatch test. I've seen it in person, it's not fun.

I'll leave the other stuff open for others to comment

Mark Limbaga

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Pass muster..

1. Try to be more relaxed. Facial tension tires you out quickly

2. If you can make the arc tighter, that would be awesome

Keep practicing, you're close..

Reach out if you need any more help


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Thanks for the feedback guys!

- I'll get to work on my hike with some power swings/snatches
- I'll try and relax my face, its hard when its a struggle!
- I'll work on trying to make my arc tighter.
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