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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Sean M, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Sean M

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    I’m eager for insight on a snatch peaking strategy/ies for this fall’s TSC.

    I have been doing a mix of 24kg reps-on-:30 for 5:00 total (most recently 6 on :30 for 10 rounds*), and Plan 044 (Q&D) with 28kg, favoring the 10/2 scheme. It’s going well, my hands are fine and I am recovered by the next day (044 actually feel like a recharge).

    My thought is to continue the 044 at least 2x/week with one weekly lighter “density” session, for three more weeks.

    Then for the last two weeks (up to 10/19) do 1-3 minutes straight (24kg) with 2-4 minutes rest between for 2-5 series. Examples:
    - 3 series of 1:00 on/2:00 off, work up to 5 series
    - 2-3 series of 2:00 on/4:00 off
    - 3:00 on, rest 2:00, 2:00 on

    Is that the right idea?

    * At “talk test” RPE
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  2. Derek Toshner

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    That looks good. Depending on the intensity of your cadence, you may even want more rest. On that note, you could also snatch at slower cadences for 6-minutes straight, take a 15-min rest, and repeat for 6-minutes straight again. By slower cadences, I mean if your TSC cadence is 25/minute for a score of 125, you could snatch at 16-20 per minute for 6-minutes. You could also do workouts where cadences are faster or faster with lighter bells. It all depends on how you set up your training. The goal is slowly progressing, building volume, then tapering with high intensities for low volume and long rests to peak. Take a long break after you peak, then begin to build a base again, from a new (slightly improved) level. Best of luck in the TSC!
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  3. Sean M

    Sean M Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Thank you @Derek Toshner! I’m just trying to get to 100 with 24kg. I’m all for longer rests ROFL
  4. Oscar

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    Sean, have you tested the 5 min with the 24 yet? I tested a few weeks back and got to 100 for the first time.

    I have noted that you and I are more or less at the same level, with you usually a few months ahead of me. So I'd say you can make it to 100 if I had to guess!

    I used the strategy in the below link. Worked very well for me. Not exactly a strategy to maximize reps for TSC, but to reach 100.

    55-Seconds to Kettlebell Snatch Test Success | StrongFirst
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  5. Sean M

    Sean M Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I would’ve had it in December but got a forearm cramp in the 80s. I was on pace for 100. I don’t think it would’ve passed SFG, but would’ve been legal for TSC.

    I didn’t train snatch again until July (barbell detour and then “bus bench” in spring and early summer).

    Maybe I’ll try for 5:00 tomorrow and see what I can do, and set a TSC goal from there.
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  6. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh Double-Digit Post Count

    Hi Derek,
    Subtle segway - but I was reading Q&D and saw you did Protocol 044 and wondered what snatch weight you started/finished with? #FutureGoals
    Cheers mate
  7. Derek Toshner

    Derek Toshner Double-Digit Post Count Senior Certified Instructor Elite Certified Instructor

    Hi Justin,
    I do 044 with either a 36 or 40kg bell.

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