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Dear all

I am new to this kettlebell stuff, and am doing the following workout for about 3-4 weeks now:

Start of with original strength (4 exercises to reset)
30ish Dead lifts in two sets.
25 Front Squats in three sets.
100 two hand single kettlebell swing in 5 equal sets.

I have been doing these for around 5-6 days a week. How do I progress? Can any one help me with this? I learned these three things from SFG certified instructor, but now after about a month of doing these, I feel a lot of pain in my lower back (hamstrings and hips mainly). The pain doesnt let me sit in my car for long. Is it normal or am I doing too many swings in the beginning?

thanks all for your help.

Anna C

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Hi DH, welcome to kettlebells and to StrongFirst!

Your thread title is "sore muscles" but you mention pain... Neither one should be occurring, but they may indicate different things.

I'm thinking your set may be reasonable for an experienced kettlebell practitioner, but sounds a bit much for someone starting out, especially 5-6 days per week. What weights are you using?

I would also suggest smaller sets for the kettlebell swings. Sets of 10 at a max, but even less for someone starting out. Maybe sets of 5 or 7 swings at a time. Your form is likely to suffer with too many swings in one set.

Just my thoughts. You will get good input from others here!


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And speaking of form...any exercise can help or harm you depending on your form. Esp ballistics like swings because of the large, rapid, increase and decrease of load in variable planes. I would suggest finding an SFG or similar very knowledgeable instructor and getting a few lessons. I did that when I first started, after trying to learn from youtube and discovered (from the personal instruction) a whole world of nuance and detail I would never have gotten on my own.


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Hi DH.

If you have pain, you shouldnt focus on your progress, or lack theirof.
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