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@Dann, yes those are expensive. I wonder if the metal uprights are really necessary.

I assume but you or anyone else please correct me if I'm wrong, that many people do their HLR using the "pullup" bar at the top so that some backward movement is possible. I imagine also that other people are flexible enough not to need the extra room.

I'm not going to make any more changes to my basement gym for a little while, probably will wait until late Spring or Summer, so I'm enjoying collecting information.



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Correct the or my top bar is protruded 12inchs from the rest of the stall bars.

Without it, when doing pull ups you drag your body over the bars, and for me atleast (back to the bars) would be a ton of pressure on the forearms/arms

The metal up rights are probably not necessary, I think the dowel horizontal strength is more important. I'd have to check the specs but I wanted to make sure it could support over 250lbs.

I remember reading some reviews that people complained over time thier cross member dowels lost integrity ( bounced or bent) eventually breaking.

But I assume weight has alot to do with that.
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