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Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Bucko, Oct 19, 2019.

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    Just did Reload, and everyone of my lifts went up with the exception of my Military press. It has stalled for a while now, and not really sure why. It got me wondering at what point does someone need to add a specialized variety for a lift? Or is it better to do some ab work?
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    I've had a few lifts stall inexplicably over the years and what has worked (for me) is to take a week off, recommence training with the weight dialled significantly down (50% or more but some times just starting with the barbell) and work back up slowly focusing on perfect form. I've taken four to six weeks to get back to the stall weight and then been able to reach a new PR
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  3. Philippe Geoffrion

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    Firstly, congratulations on pushing all your other lifts up! Raiding 3 of 4 lifts simultaneously is a big victory, so be proud of that!

    The press is the hardest lift to improve on with the Big 4, due to its relatively lower load. So know that a 5 lbs. pr in a press is a relatively great improvement over a couple months.

    Also, it helps to know why, which will take some analysis. We're you fatigued that day? Did you test your press after heavy bench/squat days? Did you focus on technical errors that occurred during your practice, and where and why do you struggle with it? Sometimes it's a simple things like bar, body position and no amount of practice will remedy this of its not addressed.

    Pavel always says to press a lot, you must press a lot. I'd recvend putting the bench on the back burner and adding in more press days to focus on that lift specifically. Since its load is relatively low, one can get away with training it much more often.

    SV can help, as long as you know what exercises would help you, they're similar to the main lift and you've practiced the main lift sufficiently to have an engrained, optimal technique.
  4. Mark Limbaga

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    Have you made any adjustments to your technique?

    for reference what are you lifting in your OHP in relation to your bench?
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  6. Mark Limbaga

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    Hmm personally I will guess you need to boost your dips and/or close grip bench.
  7. Antti

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    In general load variations are enough for beginners. More advanced athletes need variety in exercises as well.

    It's hard to evaluate your development based on just the numbers. It depends on your age, time training, training efficiency, weight, height, etc.

    A certain amount of variety should still be beneficial to just about everyone.
  8. kennycro@@aol.com

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    Changes in exercises are more effective than in loading schemes to improve muscle strength. - PubMed - NCBI

    This research defines and explains "Specialized Variety".

    This is one of many research articles along with empirical data that demonstrate long term gains in Limit Strength as well as other type of Strength, exercises need to be changed.

    Changing an exercise can be as simple changing your grip spacing, going from a wide grip to a narrow grip, or going from a wide Stance Squat to a Narrow Stance Squat, etc.

    The underlying reason is...

    The General Adaptation Syndrome

    This means the body eventually adapts to a new type of stress; in this case a new exercise.

    Once adaptation occurs, progress stops. Continuing with an exercise, once it adaption occurs lead to "Overreading" (the prequel to "Overtraining). That means the exercise stalls and eventually you become weaker in the movement.

    Periodization Training

    The foundation of a well written training program is based on the General Adaptation Syndrome, know as Periodization Training.

    Periodization Training is a progressive weekly training program that increased the stress placed on the muscles; via increasing the weight, increasing the repetitions, decreasing the rest periods between sets, etc or a combination.

    In a Periodization Training Program a certain number of weeks of progressively overload leads to a final week of maxing out on the exercise. That week is then followed by dramatically dropping the load down in the exercise or starting all over with a new exercise that is similar in nature to the exercise you were performing; then progressive increasing loading.

    Deloading and Reloading are over simplified terms of what Periodization Training is and application.

    Taking A Week Off

    This allows for recovery. It is know as Passive Recovery, doing nothing.

    However, research shows that Active Recovery (some type of mild training) is more effective, promotes faster recovery.

    Dialed Down Weight With 4 - 6 Weeks of Progressive Loading

    This is precisely what Periodization Training is.

    Kenny Croxdale
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    Thanks everyone for feed back.:)

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