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Kettlebell Squat, Deadlift - Form Check

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I'm Alex, I've been practicing with kettlebells for almost a year with some months off because of a mild left shoulder injury and problems with hemmorrhoids.
While on pause I did the stretches from S&S and shoulder focused excercises for recovery, I've also been to a physical therapist a couple of sessions where I learned to pay more attention when I compensate and on posture.

I also did a few weeks of 4 knots program to improve my flexibility and some weeks of strengthening my mid-low traps and rhomboids with appropriate body-only exercises.

Meanwhile I've been keeping active on the Squat & Deadlift too. My goal is to practice the S&S program further down the road and I'd appreciate some feedback for where I'm at.

Thanks in advance!



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Just a couple of initial observations:
Your stance looks very wide on your squats and you are not using your ankles in your squat.
How is your ankle mobility?

On the KB DL—the KB is small and actually taking you beyond the range you would need with a different size kettlebell and you can have a bit of positive shin angle in your DL. But comes back to the same question on the ankle mobility.

The only "natural" movement I saw was when you moved the KB at the start of the last video—otherwise you are rather mechanical and stiff in your set up and movement. A natural stage to progress through but I wonder if you wouldn't feel better in the lifts if you were moving without so much "stiffness."

Obviously not to the point of losing good form and positioning.


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Thanks for your answer!

I did evaluate my ankle mobility with the 5 inch from wall foot while trying to see if my knee can touch the wall. It barely goes a little bit in front of my toes.

Regarding the squat

Now I realize I am focusing too much on the sitting back part and trying to keep my shins vertical, It's also probably cause I was trying to emulate the box squat movement from the Enter the kettlebell video.
I will put up another video trying to bring more ankle mobility.


I think I have a subconscious fear of not rounding my back and I'm overevaluating my posture all the time, I'll try and practice more fluidity in my movement. I'm thinking of using a couple of books to elevate the 12kg kettlebell before jumping to a 16kg cause it will allow me to do more repetition of the movement.

What do you think?
Also should I elevate my heels on the squat while doing ankle mobility on the side?
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