Squatting with torn abductors


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Hey guys,
I had some questions on how to get (if possible) my squat back. I tore two adductor muscles around two years ago. I played college baseball prior to this. I am assuming I had bad form or this wouldn’t have happened. It cost too much to have the surgery to get them fixed And took around a year to be comfortable even doing legs again but now I am in CrossFit and it is a lot of front squatting but that does not seem to hurt. Are there any programmings I could possibly go by to start back squatting g again?

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We are not doctors and therefore can't give you medical advice, but we can say that the high bar back squat is something of a transition between the front squat and the low bar back squat, if the low bar version is your goal. The Zercher squat is also a version worth considering because it's a great overall and midsection strengthener.

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