Adam Mundorf

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Hello All,

So I'm currently following the Rite of Passage from Enter the Kettlebell. Something I want is to improve is my squat mobility. I currently do some goblet squats on my variety days but being only two days a week it doesn't seem like enough for me to become completely comfortable with the movement. Is there anyway to incorporate daily goblet squats so that it won't interfere with my RoP program? As in rep range and weight?I'm only squatting for mobility, not trying to go super heavy or anything.

Many thanks, Adam

Steve Freides

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Hi, @Adam Mundorf - just goblet squat with light to moderate weights every day until you feel you've opened up your hips and found your best form. If you have the mobility for it, you can do these without any weight at all and, in some ways, they are more challenging but more better :) for your mobility.


Adam Mundorf

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Thank you everybody. I think I'm just going to incorporate the S&S warm up daily. So I get my squats, hip bridges and halos. It seems like a good one stop shop.

King Cobra Fit

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Hey @Adam Mundorf along with the prying goblet squat, you might also spend some time in "childs pose". the position looks similar to your overhead squat, so following the 4X4 matrix, removing gravity can make it easier to get into the hips.

just hangout, breath and relax, as you feel your hips loosen allow your knees to slid out to the side more. rock your hips side to side and in little circles.

I love doing this at the end of the day while I'm relaxing before bed.

also Have a look at "flexible steel" and the tactical fog.

Hows the squat coming along?

Adam Mundorf

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@King Cobra Fit

Thank you for the tips. The squatting is going great! Pretty much every off/variety day I do the 3 x 5 Goblet Squats from S&S. I definitely feel comfortable with it. Something that helped me become more comfortable with the squat was sitting in seiza often.

Thank you for following up with me.
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