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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Oso Rojo, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Oso Rojo

    Oso Rojo Double-Digit Post Count

    I'm a 57 year old make closing in on SS. I've got 30kg on the swing and 22kg on the TGU. Up until now I've been using the swing bell size for the warmup squats. At 30kg, the torque on my thumbs is substantial and I think taking away from the purpose of the movement which is to stretch out the hips. (I use competition bells so the holding surface is vertical and the horizontal part pressures the thumbs. I wonder if cast bells with a bit of angle would be easier?)

    Today I used 24kg and was able to stay and stretch much longer.

    What is the proper weight to use on the squats?

  2. Nacho

    Nacho Triple-Digit Post Count

    Check this:

    Goblet Squat: How To Use It To Move Better, To Become Stronger, and When Not To Use It At All

    I know what you mean with your troubles with competition bells. I ended up just doing them light and avoid the risk getting a wrist injury or something. Im also considering buying a cast iron bell but I feel its a bit overkill to by a new bell just to add a couple of kilos to my goblet squat... I think Im happy with keeping it light and doing it to move better etc.
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  3. Davidlbn

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    Yeah, I'd be interested in this too.

    Pretty similar to you, I'm 56, using a 28 for swings and get ups.
    I warm up with a 16 for prying goblets squats and haloes.
    I can do it with a 28 but like you can't stay there as long as I'd like with the 28 plus it strains my back.
    Then I do 3x5 GS, just regular not prying, with the 28 before my swings.

    I know I've read on this forum to squat the weight you swing, but it's a warm up after all??

    I use regular rkc bells and have no problems with my thumbs.
  4. Davidlbn

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    Thanks for that link @Nacho.
    I must have been posting at the same time.
    I guess that answers it.
    I'm going to continue with what I'm doing.
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  5. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Lately I have experimented with holding the bell upside down - either with hands on the horns or on the bell itself--holding it like a, wait for it, goblet. (See picture below)

    This feels a bit different and might solve your issue with the bell for now.

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  6. Anna C

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    With the comp bell, you can flip and catch... takes a few minutes of practice (outside on the grass would be best), but not as hard as it seems.

    No need to swing each time, just do once for your squat set.

    It's one way to get it to the position suggested by @Bauer
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  7. Bunn

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    Personal opinion, but as many of you have noted, the goblet squat within S&S is part of the warm up. Use the weight that feels best for you and helps to prepare you for the follow on practice session. If I am using the goblet squat as part of a warm up I will only use the 24kg, maybe the 32kg, but nothing heavier.

    If on the other hand, increasing your squat strength is the goal, you will probably want to utilize other KB squat variations or exercises.
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  8. MarkSch

    MarkSch More than 300 posts

    In addition to what everyone else says, 1-5 bicep curls on the squat gives a nice little pump, and also moves you around a bit in the squat too. It feels very limbering to me....if that's a word,
  9. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    Just be careful, especially if you are using competition kettlebells. Curls at the bottom of a goblet squat can put a lot of strain on your wrist. I injured my wrist (De Quervains) and it occurred after doing goblets squats + curls with a 32kg.

    I did get carried away with doing GS and I went up in weight quite rapidly.

    I have a 24kg cast iron at work and lately I've been using it for my GS.
  10. Oso Rojo

    Oso Rojo Double-Digit Post Count

    That fixes the torque on the thumbs but also removes the curls. I guess there has to be a trade off somewhere.
  11. Buffalo

    Buffalo Triple-Digit Post Count

    I hold my comp bells with the handle between my hands. Like the handle is the spine of a book and my hands are the pages. And I can curl the 24kg in that manner without a hitch.
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  12. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Actually, Pavel recommends this kind of grip for curls in a Special Report from the days of Enter the Kettlebell:

  13. Nacho

    Nacho Triple-Digit Post Count

    Haha! I just went and ordered a classic 16,24,32 set of cast iron bells.
    I got tired of this goblet squat problem. :D Besides, they look way cooler than competition bells in my opinion.
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  14. MarkSch

    MarkSch More than 300 posts

    I don't have competition kettlebells, but from pictures, I can see where they would be a problem. 32 K curls in the GS didn't give me problems.

    Yes, the crush curl is good, as well. When Pavel said "it works the beach muscles" ( chest, biceps), I was sold. :)
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  15. Anth

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    I just reread this page in the book today. I had to reread it twice to make sure. If you're talking about doing the warmup (3 circuts of 5 reps) per the S&S book, the Pavel says to use a "light bell." This is for both the halo and the GS. I did it today and it worked much better.
  16. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    Yes, Hard style bells are better. I have actually an article and video in works about few important details in heavy GSQs.
  17. Anna C

    Anna C More than 5000 posts Certified Instructor

    You are right about what it says in the book, but Pavel has clarified in past posts that you can advance your goblet squats to use your swing bell.

    I like to do some of both. So if I'm swinging 32kg, I might do one set of goblet squats with 16kg (prying, mobility, curls), then 1 set with 24kg, then the third with 32kg. Or maybe just 16, 16, 32... or 16, 32, 32.... or 16, 24, 24... etc.

    It's a choice, but the goblet squats serve 2 purposes -- warming up the muscles for swings, and improving mobility. If I'm swinging a heavy weight like 32kg, then 16kg doesn't warm up my muscles adequately, and my first few sets of swings are not as good or powerful. If I'm swinging 16kg, then it's fine for a warm-up.

    By the same token, if I start right in with goblet squats at 32kg, I don't get as much of a mobility effect. It's hard to relax and move when you have to stay tense enough to squat the heavy weight, especially to start with.
  18. Papa Georgio

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    Great point. I would only emphasize that heavier goblets warm up the core & upper body for the swings as much as the lower body. I will actually use assisted squats hanging from a TRX knockoff where I can really pry and roll my hips around pretty radically without losing my balance. Then I do my sets of goblets with my swing weight.
  19. WhatWouldHulkDo

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    My opinion: heavy goblet squats are worth the effort. Core stability, hip mobility, upper back strength - what's not to love? Particularly if you are an S&S devotee, and the GSQT is your only squatting, I'd say push it - go as heavy as you are capable.

    Dan John says "the warmup is the workout. "
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  20. Anth

    Anth Double-Digit Post Count

    So do you do the prying with the 32 also, or just the squat?

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