Starting doing a 20 minutes of pull ups before my workout.

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by JW513, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I've been doing pull ups for 6 years now. I can only do 5 on a good day... I got up to 6 or 7 a few years ago but then got elbow tendonitis and THEN badly sprained my thumb. So I laid off them for awhile. A couple years ago, I started doing them but just sets anyone from 2-5 reps... I have a hard time with them even though I love them. Now 2 weeks ago, I started making it a point to do pull ups/chins in any rep scheme for 20 mins, plus bodyweight squats... (before I move on to my main workout). Its been great, but I'm taking it slow because i'm afraid of tennis elbow.

    Boy, am I sore though, its like when I FIRST started exercising. I'm planning on enlisting in the Marines (gotta do it soon as i'm almost 26).. Would have done it when I was younger but a sick mother and family company has a way of changing plans.
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    Here is what comes to my mind: Maybe you can do them with an assistance, for example a rubber band. That way, you can build more volume, some being progressively stronger with a reduced risk of injury. Once you get comfortable, you can choose a thiner rubber band to end up with regular pull up.

    Safety first, slow and steady wins the race !

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    @JW513 What kind of apparatus are you using for your pull ups? I would suggest investing in a pair of gymnastic rings if you can; they'll allow you to train your pull-ups hard while being easier on your shoulders and elbows. Anything that allows you to take a neutral grip (palms parallel) would also be generally less tough on your joints.

    Make sure you stop your sets as soon as you're not 100% confident you can make the next rep ('save it for the next set') and, above all, keep at it!

    Did you have a particular goal in mind with your pull-ups? Does the marines physical fitness test have a pull-up requirement?
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    For happy pull-up elbows...
    • Rings for sure
    • Expand your hand bands
    • Wrist Pronators
    • Experiment with GTG style
    • Experiment with fewer reps, but do them weighted.
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    I use both the rings and a doorway pull up bar. I mix it up a lot. Yes they have pull up requirements..

    I've always been one to slowly add reps.. Gotta strengthen the tendons and ligaments as well as the muscles.
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    A video of you performing pullups would be helpful.

    Taking our bodyweight course or instructor certification would undoubtedly also be helpful to you.


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