Starting powerlifting?

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by q.Hung, Nov 21, 2019.

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    @Zack , I was checking out your site. It's awesome! Lots of great info and articles! Thanks for the link!

    @q.Hung , checkout Zack's site. I think it will answer a lot of your questions. Online coaching seems to be an option as well.

    I'm a big fan of having a coach. I have one and it has made all the difference in the world.


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  2. Timo Keskitalo

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    In short, westside is easy. What is more simple than max out on ME and repeat the same stuff week after week in DE? Only thing to remember is not to do the same ME than last week.

    Yes, you can start with a simple 3x5. But when you will be wanting more, don't get fascinated with doing x reps with 73% and y reps with 76% and so on. It can work. But it can easily go wrong.

    At least for me it became an obsession, to find the right formula. Try to optimize the amount of reps and cycle length, to do 3x8 to 5x8, or 12x3 or whatever. The result would be feeling drained after squatting, then try to do some specials and go home.

    Whereas with Westside the key is to try out basicly everything, learn what works for you and what doesn't, what are your weak links. And work on those. Quick additional workouts to get more special exercises, GPP.

    Just remember some simple basics of strength training, which e.g. has repeated
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  3. q.Hung

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    lots of great information on this thread. Me, and also( i guest )many members feel happy about this. Once again, thank you guys
  4. Philippe Geoffrion

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    I’d think a lifter would need to spend some time on the basic barbell lifts before venturing into Westside. Starting Strength is the place to start IMO if you are to begin training for all 3. It gives you time to GTG on all 4 big barbell lifts and make continual progress for sometime.

    once you’ve paid your dues with the competition lifts, then explore other options. Westside will still be there, but you really have to earn the right to do Westside. Not that it’s exclusive but it takes really knowing what you need in your own programming to advance as well as the ability to summon your competition technique on command. You can not know this until you’ve done the lifts enough to know. A beginner needs the complexities of a Westside program like a blind man needs a map.
  5. q.Hung

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    Some update:
    I now do the basic 5x5 with 4 big lifts (including overhead press)
    I went to the core workshop, held by one of the most famous Plwer in Vietnam ( he had invited Boris Sheiko to Vietnam few years ago) Turn out i didn't know how to get tight properly.
    He also adviced me not to join and team/ coach right now, just enjoy the game for awhile, about 1 year. Then decide to choose the Plwer coach to join. Damn the price for coaching is expensive.
    I read Zach's letters and website. Good information.
    The best thing i had done for my training is moving to proper gym. In the new gym we have a beautiful girl 25 year-young weight 50 kg squat 80 kg x 12 reps, 100 x 3 reps. Also many guys overhead press my bench and bench my deadlift weight. Good training enviroment.
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  6. AndyGog

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  7. q.Hung

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    Andy, the schedule from the link above is good. I made a great gain with it in the past. What i follow now is squat, bench, dead, ohp twice per week. One heavy and one light. both 5x5. The weight in light day stay the same, the weight in heavy day increase everyweek
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  8. Philippe Geoffrion

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    Sounds like Reload.
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  9. q.Hung

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    Cannot say that Reload because i skip entirely testing (1 rm, 5 rm ...) I use the old number from my log. The weight jump is by feel. For me the best thing about Reload is the "right" weight increase between season which i totally don't have
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  10. Philippe Geoffrion

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    is it a pre-planned cycle you are following?
  11. AndyGog

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    Thanks for the info, I hope it goes well for you.
  12. q.Hung

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    yeah you can say i don't think much, just try to get much quality training in main lifts. Probably after Tet holiday i will jump into Reload with full effort.
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