Staying in the splits(kind of) for hours?

Discussion in 'Flexibility, Mobility, and Movement' started by TheDucc, Mar 27, 2019.

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    I wanted to open the splits so I had that idea where I sit on my computer and, while facing the computer on the computer chair(the one which has hand-rests and goes circular) and put my right leg in the circle of the right hand-rest and put my left leg in the circle of the left hand-rest so they would be holding my legs still. Now this position is easy for me and doesn't hurt at all so I try to move forward a little so it gets wider and put a pillow beside me to not go backwards. I did this for 2 days and stayed like that, while using the computer, for hours(2-4 maybe) and I felt that it was a good excersice and didn't hurt that much(actually after I came off, it had this little "can't move legs freely" after any splits and that feeling lasted for like, less than 5 minutes) so I have no problem with staying like that, but I was afraid it might be harmful especially that everyone says you should do the splits for 30-45 seconds and max I've read was 5 minutes. So is this harmful or not? If harmful, what to do? If not, is it useful?
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    If it works for you, great.

    A split does work with what Pavel calls the "wait out the tension" approach. I still remember my kids coming in the front door one way to find me sitting on the living room rug, in a split, reading the newspaper. The difference is that there was nothing "holding" me in my position - that may be an important difference, because you want your split to, as you sit there, feel normal. You are waiting out the tension, and therefore you want the tension to dissipate.

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    So is it absolutely normal and not harmful to do? Are you sure?
  4. Steve Freides

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    I suggest you read "Relax Into Stretch" by Pavel. I cannot recommend what you are doing exactly, only tell you that getting into a side split on the floor and spending a half-hour there is perfectly safe provided you understand that your job is to learn to relax your muscles in that position.

    That "can't move" sensation after waiting out the stretch is also normal. You have been, after all, concentrating on relaxing in an unusual position. The longer you spend there, the more you'll feel that.

    Please get the book and read it for yourself.

  5. TheDucc

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    is it
    the thing is I'm doing middle splits not side splits, does the same apply? Thank you.

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