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Kettlebell Sticking to a program

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North Coast Miller

Level 9 Valued Member
The reason people have issues sticking to programs are simple.
1. The program is over ambitious
2. The program is too long
3. The program is tedious.

I'd add to these good ones ^

4. You don't know why you are doing the program in the first place.
5. You don't know if the program will deliver the results you actually want.

85% is just showing up.


In the realm of general/personal fitness I question the need to be on a program all the time if at all. If you record your activities and apply some form of load/volume periodizing you'll get results.

If you are looking for specific results for competitive advantage is a different story, but then it might pay to have a program designed for you specifically if you can't find an off-the-shelf one that's a good fit, that you feel will take you to a destination and holds your interest.

You can go from program to program and you aren't going to perpetually improve. You are only saving yourself the trouble of doing some reading up, some self experimentation (how do you think the authors of all these programs came up with them in the first place?) and making a rough map of how you will measure your attempted progress.

Learn good form, show up, do the work, eat for the plan. If it is killing your enthusiasm, change it.

Matt Piercy

Level 3 Valued Member
I am going to do the swings and presses. But I already see there's things I'll be doing around that. I'll still do my windmills, for the mobility, and I just got to where I could press the 36k. So I want to throw that in and keep that up. But I want to see how far I can push up my swing count and raise my bench in 12 weeks. I surprised myself by doing 46 continuous swings with the 32k during my test. I want to see what happens if I commit to raising that number. Could I hit a 100 continuous swings? That'd be pretty cool and I'd like to find out
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