Stomach issues, living abroad. Blaming whey protein ?


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Whats up!

So I'm living in China at the moment, I've been here for 3 months and I'll be for another 3 at least.

I recently just got settled in the city I'll be staying at till I leave in the summer.

Joined the gym, ordered rutrend strawberry ( tastes great in water btw ) and creatine.

I get a bad stomach here fairly often anyway. But nothing to worry about really.

I was always fine using Myprotein whey before, little bloated and gassy at times. But nothing bad.

Since starting it again my stomach has been so unpredictable. I went from a once a day the same time almost toilet trip. To 3-4 times with no real warning, and always having a bloated " I might need to go soon " feeling.

Sorry for the details ..

I cut out a lot of dairy from my diet a long time. Since being in china the only dairy I've eaten, is an ice cream every other week or a slice of cheese on a burger when I'm missing western food.

Then going straight to using 75g of protein a day from whey. ( it's difficult to get a lot of protein in your diet here )

I haven't used any today and my stomachs been a little better, I'm not going to use any tomorrow either to see what the difference like.

Also protein isn't cheap here, I don't want to switch brands. I read that isolate would stop any lactose issues.. but I'm tempted to avoid it altogether and get a planet based one if i can find it here.

Had anyone had a similar experience ?

How did you fix the issues?



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Haven't moved to China, but do have a sensitive stomach. :)
I've noticed that drinking whey with water and nothing else makes me feel like you describe. But eating fibre at the same time makes a huge difference for me. Whey+banana, whey with oatmeal, whey+oat bran/oat husk (pure fibre, tastes awful) or similar is calming for my stomach.
Drinking a few table spoons of resistant starch, like potato starch or tapioca flower, turns my sensitive stomach into an "iron stomach" that can eat anything.

By the way, moving halfway across the world to a new place can have a lot of small weird changes. The time lag can take a long time adjusting to, new food culture, stress from all the new things and people usually accompanied by a heavy work load.

Good luck!


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I immediately suspected dairy given China's scandalous history of adulterated dairy products but if you're not eating it then I'd consider the whey itself, is it local or imported? Stick to a good quality import. I don't trust any foodstuff manufactured in China. And nor do those Chinese who can afford to eat imports. If you can't see it made in front of you out of basic ingredients don't eat it. Alternatively the water supply, maybe stick to bottled for a while.


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This might be dismissed as fearmongering, but for the original poster's sake, I wouldn't do a lot of China-bashing in the thread.

If I were browsing/posting on the Internet from China, I would assume two things:

1-They have captured everything
2-They can attach my postings to my real-life identity fairly quickly

So as not to sound hypocritical, this is not exactly difficult stateside, but our government is a bit less "enthusiastic" about it.


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My stomach is normally bullet proof. I've spent the best part of a year in south east asia before and the only time I ever got a really bad stomach was eating a pork chop and fries at a nice restaurant haha.

I'm a massive foodie person, I like to try everything.

I don't think it's the food and i use bottled water for everything even for brushing my teeth. I'm in a first tier city also, it's quite clean here compared to city i was in before.

The protein is an imported european brand. I didn't have it yesterday, haven't had any today it's 2.30pm as i write this and my stomach feels like it normally does 1.5 hours before i have my first meal for the day.

I really want to be using whey, its cheap enough etc. But honestly a few days ago i didn't even want to leave the house haha

Imodium instant tablet hasn't helped it either.

I might get a small bag of isolate to test and see how i get on with that.. costs so much though!


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Anyone had issues with just a particular brand ?

Thinking of ordering a bag of the stuff I used to use at home to see if it will still agree with me. Found a reputable company here selling it


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If we're talking about MyProtein I have used a lot of it for a longer while and haven't ever had issues. Though I usually buy in bulk and it's a while since my last purchase. I haven't personally noticed a difference between concentrate and isolate but some people seem to experience it.


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It can be the cause of climate change. Whenever I go abroad I always take with me organic pills to control my immune system. You can try it, too.


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Anyone had issues with just a particular brand ?

Thinking of ordering a bag of the stuff I used to use at home to see if it will still agree with me. Found a reputable company here selling it
I live in China also, and I had really bad stomach pains for a while that stopped when I reduced the amount of whey protein and dairy I was eating, even though all my milk was UHT and ordered from Europe, so it might just be dairy. If you’re having trouble with your stomach or with getting enough protein, you may just want to buy a slow cooker and make some lentils and beef or some pulled pork shoulder. Slow cookers are pretty easy to use, and you’ll never have to worry about what’s going into your food if you take charge of it.

This slow cooker cookbook is amazing, by the way, and with the kindle version, you don’t have to worry about shipping:
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