Stone Wrestles the Bear


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Goal is to become bigger, stronger, faster.
Utilising a Bear inspired routine centred on Deadlifts, Bench Press and Military Press.
Some hiking and heavy bag work along the way.
Starting (very) light with a view to building momentum and finishing strong.
Will provide metrics around impact on bodyweight, physique and 1RM strength later in the thread (read: when they are worth posting and I am less embarrassed about the numbers!)
All weights in Kgs.
(Weight x reps x sets.)

Day 1:
Bench 80 x 5; 72.5 x 5; 62.5 x 5 x 10.


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Day 2:
First time doing volume deadlifts in early AM so plan was to stay super conservative. Slowly, slowly approach.

Deadlifts 100x5x5.

Very easy. Probably to conservative. But overcame the mental hurdle if nothing else.


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Welcome. Good luck with the bear, i'm wrestling it too :) And remember, strength is an attitude, not a number,so don't need to embarrassed at all.


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Great work! Smart move with the lower DL volume. Just add a set or two each session, nice and slow, the strength and size will come. Keep up the great work!
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