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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by pet', Apr 18, 2019.

  1. pet'

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    I currently am after a "minimalist" strength and speed/power program, using kb to improve my boxing.

    Currently, I do what follows, three times a week.
    Clean & Jerk: 3 * 6
    Pull up: 3 * 6
    OA swings: 3 * 10 (each side, so 60 reps total)

    Weights for CJ and pull ups are based on 1RM. Concentric phase is done with as much power as I can. The weight for the swings is the same than SS.

    What do you think of it ?

    Thank you !

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  2. Bro Mo

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    I've been enjoying cluster sets for working on my speed and power. Instead of 3x6 it would be 3x1-1-1-1-1-1 or 3x2-2-2. 20-40 seconds between sets of singles/doubles and 4 minutes between clusters of 6. The ability to really focus on the acceleration when doing them as singles is noticeable.
  3. pet'

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    So does that mean I have to use heavier weight ?

    Kind regards,

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  4. KenKennedy

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    Have you seen the article The Ultimate Kettlebell Exercise for Martial Conditioning | StrongFirst

    That program prescribes 240 C&J per week. I'm not sure if you are doing singles or doubles. If singles, you are doing 108 per week. If doubles, you are doing 54. You make up some of the difference with 180 swings per week, but that still puts you a little lower on total volume.

    From my understanding, the C&J is sufficient for a minimalist program by itself. I can't see how adding some pull-ups would hurt, though. I suspect you will get more for boxing from C&J than swings.
  5. pet'

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    I am more after power and speed.

    I get my conditioning from the boxing per se. In addition to that, I do a lot of jumping rope. Nonetheless, I get some conditioning supplement with the swings

    I practice French boxing, so I need a lot of power and speed in the legs for the kicking game.

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  6. malleus

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    I really like the idea of combining CJ and pull ups! But, what about heavy snatches instead of cj and pull ups?
  7. Maine-ah KB

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  8. pet'

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    @Maine-ah KB
    Perfect ! Thank you :)

    Kind regards,

  9. Bro Mo

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    If you're referring to the clusters, no. Singles or doubles at the same weight as the sets of six. Its still sets of six but with a little rest between reps so each rep can be more explosive.
  10. Steve Freides

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    I would think that something along the lines of A + A or Strong Endurance would benefit you - very explosive work, short sets, full recovery, and if done in relatively small volume, it will leave you plenty of energy for your chosen sport.

    If memory serves, @Anna C has talked about doing this and how varying amounts of overall volume felt in the context of the rest of her training.

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  11. Shawn90

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    Might be too hard on the hands.
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