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Old Forum Strength fixes everything or is it just God?

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Any insight will help here:

I'm a 49 yo male with CP, which greatly affected right leg.

I had chronic hip/knee pain in non affected CP leg. I fixed pain and limp through my training, but here is what I can't figure out. All of my life my CP leg was shorter by at least an inch. I could sit and put my legs together and see at least an inch discrepancy in femur length. Today that discrepancy is gone! My leg lengths arethe same size now!

In my training I do DLs. Did this build my butt muscles up enough to re-align hip/knee? Was my hip collapsed causing the discrepancy or did God just fix the crap for me? How did I fix the discrepancy??




Jason Ginsberg

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First, congratulations, that's a good thing!

I'm not going to go into a detailed response here, but I've worked with a lot of CP patients and I've seen this sort of thing a lot as a result of proper, basic strength training, when they're willing to take my advice. A lot are not, because what I say is different from what their physical therapist tells them.

And to answer your question, some have said that God helps those who help themselves, and I mean that in all seriousness and quite literally.


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"Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened."

Do doubt God had a hand in it. Just didn't know if He did it directly or indirectly via my training.

Zach Ganska

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Certified Instructor

Congratulations on the progress, very inspiring!  Puts my "struggles" into perspective rather quickly, so thank you.

Did you have measurements taken of the femurs?  I ask as I have read that many leg length discrepancies are actually due to the pelvis being out of position, so perhaps your proper training re-aligned the issue from it's origin (if that is the case, I'm not qualified to diagnose, just curious).

Regardless of what factors contributed what percentage of your success the most important aspect is that you can be an excellent example to empower others with the same challenge.


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Well, my people would say, "hashem provides".  Which basically means that g-d showed you the path but you still had to do everything using your own free will.


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Quick edit to my last post. "NO doubt" not "Do doubt". God is the source of my strength.

Zach, For about 6 years now, I've been hearing Pavel preach strength and hips. Russian made hps are truly better!

And NO I never had a doc/PT EVER put a measuring tape to my legs. I never did until yesterday. I was setting and looking at my knees and how they were even lengths. I measured and I had someone else measure to make sure I was reading the tape correctly.

My training program I designed is pretty simple:

Hunter/gather 99% percent of time. Lots and lots of manuel labor (Don't set behind a desk anymore. Major pay cut but other factors drove me to that not my fitness.). Basically I move, move, move.

I don't keep a journal per se. At the end of each work day I go through I mental check list to make sure I have done all the movement set out by Dan john in "intervention" (push, pull, hinge...) If my work for the day did not cover one of those movents I do some kind of body weight movement to make sure all those groves are greesed.

Once a week I do DLs (ES mindset with work I'm always in sport). My goal has not been on absolute strength but mobility. My starting position bar height was at 16". Its all the further I could go down without compermise. My bar height sets at 9" today. Absolute strength is coming as a by-product  or rather how I got the mobility.

I do Tim Anderson's reset everyday. Matter of fact just ordered "original strength" hard copy. In the mail. I have "bullet proof" on PDF, so I've been doing it for awhile.

I also do balance work.

That is pretty much the cliff notes version.

Thanks for the insight!!!


Bill Been

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I really appreciate the fact that in this place a poster can thank God for His role in strength or healing and people who believe otherwise allow them to do so without comment. I'll happily extend the same courtesy when the roles are reversed. Adulthood is a beautiful and seldom-witnessed thing on line, and it's perfectly in character for StrongFirst.


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Bill your post should be to the people of this community and not just me. We all are just smart enough to surround ourselves by intelligences.

Geoff Neupert

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Beast Tamer

Why not both?

Jesus said, "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." (Mark 11:24)

And -

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge..." (Proverbs 1:7a).

Is it too much to believe that God physically healed your leg because you asked and believed and the led you to proper strength program/authority to fully realize that healing?

I think not.

Congratulations on your success and giving credit to Whom it's due.



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Going to the Word. Love it!

Bottom line - we all know there is more to strength than just physical strength. I don't care what you believe in or what name you call God.

For me I believe in the trinity.  God (mind) Jesus (body) Holy Spirit (soul)

Also know He answers all prayers. Sometimes this involves seeking and sometimes it involves knocking.

Thanks Guys!

kb dan

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What a great post. Seriously, I don't think I can respect you giryas more than I already do. Classy classy folks around here.

PS - I don't think Samson in the Bible had any kettlebells around and he sure was strong! Knockin down temples and his strength from the big man himself, so it is indeed possible :)


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interesting topic i have a problem that is getting worse not better no matter how hard i try so this means god is punishing me because i'm a bad person?

Zach Ganska

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Certified Instructor
"God is the source of all strength"

And we are the conduits, we conduct more strength as we align ourselves with our inherent design through our practices.  "Problems" are opportunities to grow, it's what makes us stronger and increasingly conscious.  I'm grateful for the most painful times more than the easy as I look back on them and see what arose from the pain.


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Hardly.  He could be handing you a spiritual snatch test of sorts.

Strength comes in many forms and challenges are opportunities for growth.  Trials can either destroy you or define you.  I've gone through something painful that took years to get through, and in the end I lost what I was longing for the entire time.  After the matter something else that had been long in the making had solidified and I've learned what true strength really means.

Whatever your trial, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, whatever, there are many ways to approach things and as long as you don't back down - even if you don't get what you're looking for - you'll have your grit.
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