strengthening the spine in rotations?

Jason B.

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Hey, does anyone have a minimalist (no glute ham raise bench) way to train spinal rotations? I always thought my spine would be pretty strong in this regard from kettlebell work, but I've been doing spinal twisting work with a suspension trainer and am learning that kettlebells only made my spinal rotational muscles strong in the lower back.

I'm doing something like this, but taking the time to turn each vertebrae so I feel the muscles along the spine working, all the way up to my neck. I'm not doing this as an ab exercise:

Anyways, I'm getting to the point where I've decreased the leverage to the point that I'm struggling to continue working the back muscles in isolation. Other muscles are kicking in as more and more of my body is moving under the TRX anchor point.

Does anyone have any ideas for continuing to work these muscles?


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@Jason B.
Did you try any kind of Pallof press ?

Then, using some mace / clubbells, you can do moves that reproduce wood chopping ("mace tire slam"):

Or even which reproduces hole digging

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This is similar to jammer and plate twists I used to do when I did a lot of throwing. Great for building up that dynamic explosive power in the core. It is getting very popular in the fighting community too.

Can also be done with med balls too.
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