Strong people who don't squat?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Anth, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Well after squatting for bodybuilding and powerlifting for over 23 years with an already surgerized knee and then a L4 herniation after I got the knee replaced I decided I had no desire or need to squat heavy ever again.
    I still work the squat pattern for mobility and practice pistol squats and belt squats but nothing heavy.

    Instead I focus on heavy one arm swings ( up to 68kg for sets and reps ) and standing barbell press to keep me overall 'strong'. It's been working great and I don't miss barbell squats or deadlifts at all. There are many ways to be full body strong without a heavy squat or dl imo
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    love it.
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    thank you :)
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    Something for heavy metal fans: Glen Danzig from Danzig and Misfits published his workout (primarily body building) in a heavy metal mag back in the nineties: Look At This! ::

    It says at the end that he never did any leg workouts at all as part of his bodybuilding routine but that he practised Jeet Kune Do and went 'crazy' on stage to keep his legs strong.
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    There's some video all over the Internet of Danzig getting knocked out. Don't think his JKD or his BB routine helped here. Don't skip your leg day kids! ;)
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