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Do you remember this blog from 2013?

Announcing the Strongfirst Deadlift Team

Team StrongFirst lives again! Are you strong enough to join us? Here's what you need to know:

What We Do

The Team competes as Deadlift Only. You may register for other divisions but you must register for the deadlift. All registration fees are your responsibility, as are any other expenses, e.g., food, travel, and hotel.

We lift only in the Raw Division. You must follow the rules for the Raw Division of the sanctioning federation.

Qualifying for the Team

To qualify in the Open age bracket, you must have recorded an official deadlift of at least
  • 2.5 times bodyweight for men.
  • 2 times bodyweight for women.
at a sanctioned powerlifting meet or a Tactical Strength Challenge within the last two years.

Exceptions to the qualifying standard will be made solely at the discretion of the Team's coordinators. Not sure if you qualify? Ask. The StrongFirst reserves the right to reject any individual's application to be on the Team.

When We Lift

The StrongFirst Deadlift Team will compete at once each Winter and again each Summer (to allow Deadlift Team members to train for the TSC, which is held each Spring and Fall).

Where We Lift

Our tentacles are spreading - resistance is futile! As of this writing, we will participate in three meets: Eastern United States, Western United States, and Far East.

If You Think You Qualify

Contact your area's team chairperson by email, send a link to your qualifying result, and register for the meet in your area listed below.

Our next meets are planned as follows:

Western US:

Prescott, AZ, June 25, 2016

Contact: Ric Garcia

Eastern US:

Edison, NJ, June 5, 2016

Contact: Jason Kapnick

Far East:

Korea, June 18, 2016

Contact: Woo-chae Yoon


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I'm in for this party. Right now I've pulled 507 at 193.
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