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Steve Freides

Elite Certified Instructor
Common acronyms and abbreviations used here on the forum. My thanks to @Tarzan, @John Grahill, @MikeMoran, @Matt, @Abdul Rasheed, @Kettlebelephant, @Mark Limbaga, and @Henningb for their additions.

Items in italics are books or DVDs.

1RM1 Rep Max
A+AAlactic + Aerobic
ATGPosterior (A$&) To Ground (usually squat)
BPBench Press
BWBody Weight (usually a lift that can also be done weighted)
C&JClean and Jerk
C&PClean and Press
DDouble (usually Kettlebells, e.g. DCL is Double Clean)
ETKEnter The Kettlebell
FMSFunctional Movement Screen
FS or FSQFront Squat
GSGirevoy Sport (competitive kettlebell lifting)
GTGGrease the Groove
HSHard Style
HSPUHand Stand Pushup
KBMKettlebell Muscle
LCCJLong Cycle Clean & Jerk
LCLLoaded Clean
LSDLong Slow Distance
MKBMMore Kettlebell Muscle
MPMilitary Press
MAFMaximum Aerobic Function (Maffetone-recommended (180-age) Heart Rate
NWNaked Warrior
OSOriginal Strength
OAPOne-Arm Pushup
OAOLPOne-Arm, One-Leg Pushup
PHAPeripheral Heart Action (training method)
PMProgram Minimum from ETK
PPPush Press
PRPersonal Record
PTP or PTTPPower To The People!
RISRelax Into Stretch
ROPRite of Passage from ETK
ROTKReturn of the Kettlebell
SJSuper Joints
S&SKettlebell Simple & Sinister
SW/1HSW/2HSWSwing/1-Hand Swing/2-Hand Swing
TGU or GUTurkish Getup
WTHWhat The Heck
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MAF does not stand for Maffetone, even though that is how people often use it. It stands for Maximum Aerobic Function. Phil Maffetone makes that clear in every book of his I've read and interview I've listened to. Other coaches define and use the term slightly differently.


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BB - Barbell
GSQ - Goblet Squat

Max HR and HR max: Maximum Heart Rate
(As far as I've noticed some also use it as the upper limit for training - for example as the upper limit of MAF. So I am not sure about the common definition in this forum)

ROM - Range of Motion
PT - Physical Therapist
(keep in mind that there is a large international audience)


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To add to the confusion with "pt" : it that it has multiple meanings just in the realm of health and fitness. It means physical therapist (which is the way I normally use it) but it also meaning "physical training" (military use, and in Commonwealth countries according to internet), and "personal trainer".
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Steve Freides

Elite Certified Instructor
Just finishing a very busy few weeks here, will try to update this list soon although it may be until next week until I get to it.

Thanks for your input, everyone - it's appreciated.

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