StrongFirst Publishes "Reload" by Fabio Zonin and Pavel Tsatsouline

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  1. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Director of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Certified Instructor


    Buy RELOAD by Fabio and Pavel for $5.99

    A short summary:

    Reload takes one of history’s most successful strength training methodologies and shows you how to customize it—and make it nearly foolproof.

    Get your barbell strength blueprint:

    • Build a custom power cycle that matches your rate of adaptation—almost guaranteed to prevent undertraining or overtraining.
    • Choose your 2 to 5 lifts to get strong in: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Military Press, Barbell Row.
    • Select your perfect assistance exercises—or not to remain a minimalist.
    • Rinse and repeat…
    Be sure to scroll down and click the What Is Reload? button for more.

    Buy RELOAD by Fabio and Pavel for $5.99

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  2. PeterLuffman

    PeterLuffman Triple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Just bought and read it! I'd like to congratulate Pavel and Fabio for coming out with another fine piece of training material. I'll be using it for my own training very soon.

    One question - What is a Hardstyle sit back?

    This was mentioned as a recommended mid section exercise.
  3. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Certified Instructor

    Love it!
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  4. Bro Mo

    Bro Mo Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Lots of pictures but definitely worth the $. It's like the better S1 version of an individualized 5/3/1. It's more customized to the individual, just as sustainable and just as easy to follow.
  5. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Just picked it up and read through it. I have touched a barbell for practice approx. 4 sessions in my life. but when two genius' (or mad scientists) of programming release a program and charge 6 bucks you buy it. when I actually play with barbells this will defiantly use these methods!
  6. Tjerr

    Tjerr Double-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    It's brilliant.

    Tested my front squat this morning so I can do a front squat cycle on my variation days during Rite of Passage.

    ETK Quote:
  7. Dave DeJohn

    Dave DeJohn Double-Digit Post Count

    Perfect timing! Last week, I finished Pavel's "5x5x5" routine from Beyond Bodybuilding, which is one set of five, five days a week, for five exercises. I planned to start the "3 to 5" routine tomorrow with 5 sets of 5, but I didn't have a good feel for the starting weight or how to vary between sets / days / weeks / etc.

    Since I measured my 1RM and maximum weight for 1x5 as part of 5x5x5, I had all the numbers I needed to plug into Reload and map out a plan. I just did so and got my $6 worth from that alone.

    This is a nice release from StrongFirst - it's concise, tells you exactly what to do, and the cost is minimal.
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  8. william bad butt

    william bad butt More than 300 posts

    I just bought and read the book. I think this book is great and can be applied to almost all barbell lifters: beginners, intermediate, and advanced (with the exception being the brand new lifter, you have to at least know how to perform the lifts, the book assumes you know how to squat or press, for example). After reading this book, one would know how to successfully create their own barbell program. For the $5-$6 price tag, this book is a steal.

    If you are familiar with the barbell lifts (beginner or intermediate) and have an interest in designing your own western style program, you should check out this book.

    I will run a cycle in the future with some of the power lift special variants.
  9. krg

    krg Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    At this price point and with the respect I have for SF authors I would buy literally anything that SF published.

    It's a great, concise, format.

    Here's hoping for some strong endurance / A+A protocols to be published in the near future.
  10. wespom9

    wespom9 More than 500 posts Certified Instructor

    @Steve Freides , @SFAssistant I am having trouble purchasing the product. I keep getting a message that "the address does not match the billing address of cardholder". Not sure why this is - it would be the same address/card that was used to purchase my SFB and SFL certification weekends. Any advice?
  11. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Director of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Certified Instructor

    @wespom9, I will bring this to someone's attention. I believe that's a third-party service we use to prevent CC fraud.

    Someone will be back in touch.

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  12. SFAssistant

    SFAssistant Second Post Elite Certified Instructor

    Wes, thank you for letting us know.

    Our system shows it's an AVS mismatch:
    "The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder."

    You'll need to connect with your card issuer to resolve this issue. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Thank you, Wes.

  13. godjira1

    godjira1 Triple-Digit Post Count

    I just bought the ebook, and I think it is BY FAR, the best laid out programming (including goals, alternatives, options for 2-3-4 day training) in a concise package I have ever read. Maybe not for the beginner, or the expert, but for the average joe who has been training for a few years and find progress hard to come by it is absolute gold.

    Am going to play around with some of the suggested templates once I finish up my current block!
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  14. SFAssistant

    SFAssistant Second Post Elite Certified Instructor

    @godjira1 , thank you so much for sharing your experience with us about Reload! I've replied to you via your email address with a follow up message regarding this forum message.

    Thanks again!

  15. Zack Kaufman

    Zack Kaufman Double-Digit Post Count

    Bought and read. Excellent. However, I get the feeling that they are suggesting to only run one cycle. It seems like they suggest that Running these cycles back to back to back would lead to overtraining.

    Anybody else interpret it that way? They did say you could run it again but reccomended switching the excercises, which I would consider. I’d prefer to find a cycle I could do year round. (5-3-1 seems to fit that although I haven’t tried it)
  16. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Director of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Certified Instructor

    Many lifters, particularly relatively new ones, can run a cycle like this to completion then run it again slightly heavier. Many of the old-timers did just that, even at a very high level.

    However, many of the old-timers competed twice a year, e.g., January and June, often a national meet and then a world-level meet. Their approach would be to do different things in their "off" season then run a peaking cycle leading up to a competition.

    I think how you integrate a Reload cycle into your training is going to depend on many variables, too many to say whether back-to-back cycles is simply bad or good.

  17. Fabio Zonin

    Fabio Zonin Double-Digit Post Count Master Certified Instructor

    Hi Zack!

    You can definitely run two or more of these cycles back to back. Once you have completed one cycle you will have your new 1RMs and all you have to do is run the RM@80%1RM test again and follow the steps to design a new plan. Of course, the more of these cycles you run back to back, the less effective they will become (the human body adapts to everything). This unless you make some changes. For instance you can select different main lifts, and/or specialized variety exercises. Or, you can make it so that in the second cycle a specialized variety exercise becomes that main lift and vice versa. For instance, you may plan the back squat as your main lift and the front squat as your specialized variety lift in one plan, and do just the opposite in the next plan.

    I hope you will find my answer useful.

  18. LoneRider

    LoneRider More than 300 posts

    An awesome read. I'm thinking that for my overall training I'd do one 'Reload' cycle per annum and go from there.
  19. ShawnM

    ShawnM More than 2500 posts

    I grabbed mine Friday and it’s a great read. I’m going to start the 2 day a week plan today to supplement my A&A training. Thanks for the great info @Fabio Zonin
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  20. guardian7

    guardian7 More than 500 posts

    The PDF is protected from copying text which is understandable. But would it be possible to enable highlighting and commenting of the PDF in the security features. I like to take notes and highlight to review. I actually like the PDF format better than Amazon kindle. I highlight my kindle non-fiction as well. It is a good feature.
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