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Off-Topic Strongfirst t-shirt with "Clean, Get-up" etc on it


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Hello everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. The advice on this forum is amazing and overwhelming. As a relative newbie, I have lots of questions however still daunted to ask and have been reading your posts, logs, and Q&As to find answers. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do!

This is an easy question. I would love one of the old StrongFirst t-shirts, the one with Snatch, Get-up, Clean etc on it. I missed out buying one at my StrongFirst gym a year ago, and the only store selling them online is in Italy (I'm in Australia). Does anyone know where I might be able to buy one, new or secondhand?

I'm working towards S&S in a commercial gym (hoping to reach Simple by end of year, and do SFG1 next year). As my friends tease, my workout just involves rolling around on the floor (TGU)! So I'd love to show off this amazing community and something that 'explains' a bit of what I'm doing :) Otherwise, is the design open source or could be licensed so I could get a shirt printed locally?

Many thanks!


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Thanks again Steve for the recommendation to email StrongFirst - alas it seems this design is no longer available, so if anyone reading this has one they’d be willing to sell secondhand please let me know!
It’d be great if StrongFirst could bring back the design, I love it! :)
Cheers, Kate
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