Kettlebell Struggling to stabilize the 16kg for TGU

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I’ve done the shoe for several days to start and then tried the 16kg. I haven’t done the water yet as I typically do these in my carpeted living room/office... maybe I’ll try the water bottle version
My personal experience... doing these with the shoe or water is very beneficial and instructive. This is from a guy with dodgy shoulders. I also travel a lot and don't always have access to KB's. But I almost always have access to a shoe.


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@RLow04 Good move on the 8kg. I like doing getups with that weight- really lets you work the smaller muscles and stablilizers more consciously and focus on form at every step. Have you conquered the shoe or the half-glass of water yet? Those also help really nail down the form.

Strong are in control of the weight they use and their ego! Weak need a lot of external things (like heavier weights than they can handle and extra programs) to feel good.

Pauses with a lighter weight and arm bars definitely. There is no reason that you can't use light dumbells to start or between your bell weights, but they can be less stable at heavy weights. That is how I started. It is just my opinion but the higher point of balance with light dumbells kind of helps the beginner just like the shoe balancing. Old time strongmen did getups with barbells!

Also, it is not only the shoulder but your core that provides the stability. Could core strength be something to work on as well? I remember reading an article by Contras or someone indicated that getups had the most total core activation of any core exercise.

I see the getups as an accessory lift that knits the body together and I don't worry much about the weight. I do slow 16s at the gym where I do martial arts because they don't have any other sizes and my press went up without pressing!


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When I moved from 24kg to 32, I really noticed that it was all about grip strength, especially my control with my pinky for the TGU's. Obviously, a set of COC's will go a long way to that. I've been doing Geoff Neupert's Kettlebell muscle with 16kg, and the double moves have really upped my grip strength. Either move would be good.

I've been rehealing from shoulder issues over the past year after nearly hitting the Simple standard. But the one thing I've noticed as I have rehabbed the shoulder is to really get as much internal rotation out of the shoulder as I can. For me, this involves really pulling that pinky finger all the way around into the front plane of my body, as if I'm pulling the arm for supinated row. I also envision that this is part of that "punch" that Pavel talks about in Enter the Kettlebell, as my martial arts background has me emphasize the first to knuckles for striking; my hand position for the TGU is the same as that striking position.

Hope that helps and doesn't confuse too much!!
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