Struggling with lunge part of the Get-up

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Kong, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Kong

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    I’m starting my journey into the S&S program, I’m reading the book and trying to follow the instructions as prescribed in the initial part of “simple” but I really suck at lunges, I’m hoping with this community of people; that I can’t get some helpful tips and pointers on how to get proficient if not good at the lunge portion of the Get-up,

    All advise will be appreciated

  2. Bauer

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    Hey @Kong: The lunge tends to be my most difficult part.

    The solution is probably more tension. Make sure to really brace your midsection; tense your abs and glutes. Build tension between your front and back leg and wedge your self up. Make a fist with your free hand and try a counter movement with your free arm.

    And make sure that your technique/alignment/mobiliy (hip flexors and t-spine) are not hindering you. The SF Hip Bridges help with hip flexors. Arm bars help with the t-spine. And TGUs actually help with it, too... So stay patient if mobility is a part of the problem.

    And play a bit around with your stance. Maybe just practice this phase without weight, with a shoe and with a weight. I found it helpful to do a couple of semi-lunges (very little ROM) from a standing position to get a feel for a stable stance. A stance that is stable on the way down will also help you on the way up.

    Also check this thread:
    What's your most difficult phase in the TGU?

    Hope this helps. What are you struggling with in particular?
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  3. Anna C

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    Hi @Kong

    I've had a couple of students that struggled with the lunge. Heavy bodyweight makes it a pretty difficult movement, actually. Or just not having done it in a while. But it can get stronger! And the tips @Bauer mentioned can help.

    One student just did not have the leg strength to stand up from a lunge. I had her do 5 sets of 5 lunges 3x/week assisted with either a PVC pipe in her hands for leverage, or an upright post of a squat rack. Reduce assistance as much as possible as you get stronger.

    Another student had the problem of needing to lean forward to stand, to the point where he couldn't hold the kettlebell upright. I had him focus on foot placement (a little closer together) and try to bring the body upright from the center of the feet by using both legs to stand, then step forward.

    Getting stronger in this movement is one of the rewards of get-ups. You'll be glad you got it back, once you do. It's a very functional movement to "own".
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  4. Anna C

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    Another thing you might try is think of pulling the legs together as you start to stand. This can have the effect of making you tighter and stronger.
  5. Kong

    Kong Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Thank you both for your insight and helpful tips, I especially, the part mentioned by Anna with regards to Heavy Body weight, currently that would be one of my issues and I suspect along with lack of mobility is contributing to my issue. I will try both suggestions in tomorrows training. The focus of just that portion of the movement (practicing it) and doing a few sets of lunges to just get the basic movement somewhat down.
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  6. Buffalo

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    I still struggle with the lung on the outside of my right knee. I have just skipped that part for the last few months. Just do as much as you can! I still see alot of improvement in my day to day movement without it.
    But I hope to be past the pain during the lunge soon!!
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