Suggestions for Cast Iron Plates


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I'm looking for suggestions for some cast iron plates. I currently have some Hitemp Bumpers, but have given up on Oly lifts (I prefer KB ballistics). Also, I have a Rogue C-70, which is a shorter bar for my garage and it is hard to load more than 270lbs. I'm planning to work to a 2X BW DL (350lbs) and plan to buy 3 sets of 45s and a pair of 25s.


Steve Freides

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IMHO, anything that fits in your bar will do. After buying my first weights new, I switched to used weights - Craigslist, garage sales, etc.




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Thanks for the recommendation. I've been looking around for some good deals. Im sure something will come up.


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I agree with Steve, I've found some really great deals at Flea Markets. They are easy to clean up and make them look like a brand new set. Downside, many companies don't have a very good consistency in weight, but they are usually not off by more than a pound. But that can add up when you are using several plates.
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