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Hello. This is my first time posting here. I was hoping I could get some suggestions on programming for mobility/flexibility. I am a 41 year old male, 5'10", 195 lbs. I have been using kettlebells off and on for several years. Pavel's material has helped me a lot with both kettle bell and barbell lifting. My sports history includes running, rugby, BJJ and lifting. Over the last couple years I had two surgeries on my left knee. The second one was due to the first one not being performed correctly. I gained a fair amount of weight while on crutches for several months, but have lost it. I have full medical clearance to do any physical activity. For the past 6 months I have been using kettle bells, running and swimming and just completed a Tough Mudder as my comeback activity. While training I noticed my lack of mobility and flexibility was a problem. I have never been terribly flexible and being crutches for so long greatly exacerbated the issue. I would like to address the issue in a systematic way. I have been successful creating lifting programs for myself using waves, ladders, etc. The same applies to endurance. I have not has the same success with mobility/flexibility. This is not due to a lack of resources as I have material from Pavel, Steve Maxwell, Scott Sonnon, d@#$ Hartzell and others. I believe the problem is there is so much information I am having difficulty winnowing it down to something simple and effective. For general fitness, I am doing the following.
Workout A - S&S warm up, some TGUs, KB complexes, swings
Workout B - Barbell Deadlift, weight dips, incline press, Full Contact Twist
I am also GTGing pull ups.
I wave weights up and down and change exercises as needed.
I do ABA on MWF one week, then BAB the next.
On two non-lifting days I do steady state cardio.
This is going very well for me in terms of getting back to pre injure fitness level, weight control, etc. I have been doing some static stretching post workout but have seen little progress. The tightest areas for me are hips, hamstrings, lower back. I have tried bands as well, with slight improvement. My goal is to loosen up my hips and to be able to touch my toes with straight legs. In the past I have tried exercises from Relax into Stretch, but do not feel I ever got the exercise selection and frequency correct for continued progress. This is what I am thinking of trying, but would greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone might have:
6-7 days a week: Pick a Joint Mobility program and stick with for 6 months or so, i.e. Super Joints, Maxwell's Daily Dozen, Intu Flow.
3 days a week, after lifting, choose a handful of exercises from RIS and perform them. 1-2 for hamstrings, 1 groin, 1 hip flexor stretch.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Steve Freides

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Welcome to StrongFirst!

Sounds like some in-person training on mobility and flexibility might help. Keep SJ every day if you can, cut back RIS to twice a week.

Consider a Flexible Steel one day workshop.


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You might find some benefit if you can find someone to take you through the Functional Movement Screen. You can find certified members on
If by chance you live in Victoria BC Canada I'd be happy to work with you, however I feel that that may be a long shot haha.

Best of luck
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