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Other/Mixed Super Joints - minimum effective dose

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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I tried flexible steel mobility complex, for a few days now to 'oil' my joints. I feel good. Cossack squat, I can't go all the way down..that's the tough one for me. I may skip this, not sure if there is any point in keep doing this? As for prying squat I will give it a miss, since I do a couple of sets of goblet squats anyway. Pump stretch is tough one too, no way I can do the ten reps, I will do as much as I can.

@Abdul Rasheed

If you have the OS books work on a lot of the ROCKING position. That will help to get your Goblet Squat and Cossack better. Cossack is great for lateral hip mobility.


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@MikeMoran yes I have both editions. I do the rocking as part of my five minute OS Reset pre-training warm-up. I need to do it every day I suppose, or several times a day for more effective results?


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I would start with 2x a day and try and work it it when you can. When I really needed the RESETS I did them multiple times a day every day. Now I don't have to do them nearly as much.


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Thanks. I plan to do this flexibility complex everyday morning and evening; So I will add rocking or the full reset after that.

I wonder if there is any 5-minute minimum effective dose for RIS somewhere? If there is I would do it as well. I know its an over simplification, but I think its a good start for those who never do it; and customize it as they move along.


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It will always take longer when you are trying to reach the goal. Once you get there maintaining the goal will require less effort but you will have other goals. It is a process for sure.

Anna C

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Yes I would agree with your thinking on the prying squat, although if you're doing the FS/SJ routine in the morning and training later in the day, it may give you a bit of loosening up to start the day. And the way I understand it, it's also helping to get rid of tiny calcifications within the joint, keep them well oiled, etc... I don't know the theory really, but sounds good to me. :)

Cossacks are so good, it's worth working on it. Just go as far as you can, and your range of motion may increase as you continue to practice. Make sure the bending knee is tracking over the toe, your feet are wide enough apart so that as the knee tracks over the foot it's not going out much beyond the toe, the straight leg foot is coming up, and hips are hinging back. Go slow each direction if that works better for you. Also try with something to hold onto, you may be able to go all the way down and then assist yourself back up.

A good Cossack tutorial from CSFB/MSFG Karen Smith:



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Thanks Anna, I tried cossacks tonight, I think I will keep doing it :) Thanks for the karen smith tutorial. thumbs up.

Steve Freides

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@Abdul Rasheed, the Cossack can be a lot like the pistol - easier to do with a light weight as a counterbalance to hold by the horns out in front of you a little.

A big +1 to @Steve W. 's idea of customizing your mobility and flexibility work to directly address your particular issues.

There is no minimum effective dosage of RIS - it is, as I've mentioned earlier (was it this thread or another? Don't remember ...) it is best thought of along the same lines as certain kinds of strength training.



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So I've been doing Louka's routine that Phat_Tony linked above for about a week now, first thing in the morning, and I like it. I even used it with my group of 3 students yesterday to start training, and it worked well.

Here's a quick summary of the "Flexible Steel Mobility Complex" routine in the video, with references to "Super Joints" book, where applicable:

(SJ 1) Three Plane Neck Movements, 5 reps of each one, R/L
(SJ 2) Shoulder circles 5 fwd, 5 back
(SJ 8) Arm Circles, 5 fwd, 5 back
(SJ 6) The Egyptian, 5 each way
Elbow Circles, putting on shades, 10 reps
(SJ 5) Elbow Circles (swimming-like motion), 5 reps under, over on R/L
(SJ 3) Fist Exercise, 10 reps
(SJ 4) Wrist Rotations, 5 each way
(SJ 12) Hula Hoop, 5 each way
(SJ 13) Belly Dance, 5 each way
Floppy Arm Swing
(SJ 10) Knee circles, 5 each way
(SJ 9) Ankle circles, 5 each way R/L
(SJ 11) Squat, a few, prying hips open
(SJ 14) Cossack, 5 each side going back and forth
Pump Stretch, a few

I think now that I have that down pretty well, I'll start adding in a few more of the SJ exercises.

Anyone else giving it a try? @Fred64, have you found something that works for you?

I gave this a try upon awakening this am, and added 1 set of BWSQ and PU to round it out. Felt good all morning, and found that I needed a much shorter warm up prior to my A+A snatch session. Thanks all for this thread.



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^ that routine Anna outlined sounds like what I need to do just to function each day. If I didn't put everything through its full ROM several times a day I'd be battling to get off my lounge chair and turn into a petrified fossil within days.

I can't even remember how good it felt to have cartilage everywhere it's meant to be.


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Update: It's been two months of doing this SJ routine daily, and my joints feel great. I simply wake up, press start on the coffee pot, walk to the living room and conduct the routine. By the time I'm finishing the cossacks, the coffee is done. I have added 3 each naked prying GS and Mackenzi back bends.

I feel ready to go all day. I usually train in the afternoon /early evening. Upon arrival to the courage corner, I do one round of the GS/Bridge/Halo, then a second set of GS/Halo only. At that point, I'm ready to train. I really enjoy the benefit of being ready all day that SJ provides.


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This Forum is just ridicolously great for anything I'm looking for... I don't know if it's unconditionate love for the virtual place that saved my active life and made my body better than it has ever been, but everytime I want to look for something fitness or strength related, my first thought is "let's see what's in the Forum", and it delivers eleven times out of five.

Thank you Tony (can't tag him anymore) and @Louka Kurcer for the great video(s - he has many on his channel)!

Now all I have to do is train and wait to be able to close impossible submissions and kick very bad and tall guys to the head.
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