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Bodyweight Surprising Reflection on One-Arm Push Ups on a Fist


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Having hurt my left wrist doing too many dive bomber push ups (which had a remarkable impact on my overhead press; anybody else?), I have been forced to do press ups on my fists.
The other day I thought I'd try a OAPU on a fist, anticipating that it would be very difficult and probably end in painful failure. It actually turned out to be surprisingly straightforward.
Having done more over the past few days, I'm actually now begininng to feel that, despite the added depth (still go all the way down chest-to-floor) and increased instability, they feel easier than with the usual hand position or at least 'more solid'.
Has anybody else had any experience with OAPU's on the fists or any clue as to why it seems to improve the mechanics of the movement? My only conjecture (not being an expert) is that perhaps the instability improves the level of irradiation or mind-muscle connection (concentrating more), or that the more rigid forearm and upper arm means a stronger, more natural enagagement with the scapula and lats. Both the descent and the press feel fine, but it is particularly the press that feels more solid which is strange given one is pressing from a lower starting point (about 2.5" lower). Hip torque is also less.
Any ideas or suggesstions?
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