Swinging Above 32kg and Over 50


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I'm 56, A&A snatching the 32 every other day. This week I did 40 repeats of 5 snatches, 32 repeats, and 16 repeats this morning. I will sometimes snatch the 36 for repeats. Granted, I've been snatching since 2003 and have gradually built up the volume. A few variables that aren't really measurable but I know factor into one's results.

Mindset. I'm not talking about silly slogans and nonsense "t-shirt quotes." That is almost always false bravado. Mindset is deciding that I WILL do this and quietly going about doing it. Like physical strength, mindset is developed by showing up every time and putting in the drudgery. Think about how many stones are at the Great Pyramids' bases...

Training Partner(s) and intentional community. When Al Ciampa was here he trained me and we trained together. Al changed my life and put me on a solid SFG trajectory. Al quietly does it right and he does it often. I was the "cameraman," if you've seen the video of Al swinging the 92kg bell. Nowadays I train with @Anna C Anna is not only incredibly strong, hers is one of the sharpest, most analytical minds I have ever been around. After 30 years flying with the Air Force, I have been around a sharp mind or three and Anna is by far one of the smartest people I have ever known. When Anna speaks, I shut up and listen.

Bottom line, train with people better than you, stay the course, and watch/listen.
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