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Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place - please move it to the right one if I have, @Steve Freides!

I'm in Sydney every so often for work and I'm looking for a gym there that both a) allows casual visits, and b) has a decent range of kettlebells up to at least 32kg.

Does anyone have any suggestions for gyms that satisfy both of these criteria and are ideally located near the airport, CBD, North Sydney or anywhere in between? I've done a lot of Googling and some emailing without much success so far.

Many thanks!


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@iron&flint did you have any luck with your search. Am looking for the same thing.
Not really! The best thing I could come up with was using Anytime Fitness. They gave me a complimentary visit to test the facilities and everyone is entitled to a free 7-day pass as well (which I’m yet to use).

At the very least they have KBs up to 32kg so it’ll get you out of a pickle but only for a week! I forgot to check their casual rates (if they have them) so in actual fact, they may be the best solution.


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That sounds like a pretty good solution actually. Thanks!
I hope it works out!

It’s probably worth me mentioning that I used the Northbridge location rather than the CBD so it may be a better-stocked facility with more space. Check ahead that your nearest one has KBs..!

Michael Perry

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@iron&flint I used the Circular Quay location on Pitt St in the CBD. Only had bells up to 24kg, but a very nice facility overall with plenty of room for get-ups or ballistics, as well as other equipment that you'd expect. It worked well for me.

Editing to add - if you're in Brisbane, there's Queensland Kettlebells which is run by SF Elite @piers Kwan. I meant to go but the Brisbane part of my trip was cut short.
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