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Hello Everybody,

I would like to write a post just to say hello and introduce myself, even if currently I’m not training anymore due to injuries.

Relevant demographics:
So I’m a French man (so sorry if my English is not always perfect :) ), I’m 33 years old, 1m86 et 87kg with about 21% of fat.
I work as an engineer, so I’m spent most of my times siting at desk, in a train or in my couch. I leave my home at 7:10 AM and I come back at 7:15 PM most of time.

Sport history:
When I was young I practiced some sports, karate (1 year), swimming (4 years), rowing (4 years), bodybuilding (not like Arnold to compete :) but to be in better shape, 2-3 years not regular).
Recently I practiced some martial arts Kung-Fu/Sanda (2 years), capoeira (4 years), Internal Martial Arts (2 years).
During these years, I also tried different way physical training Cross-Fit (1.5 years), “Méthode Lafay” or Freeletics bodyweight training (1 years), Kettlebell, etc.
Today I trained in self-defense, but for me self-defense is not only a sport or a martial art, it’s a way of life that means doing everything I can to survive much longer and healthier. This implies to have a good shape so I add different physical training.

I started this year (September 2016) with an all new program:
  • Each day I was training S&S in the morning, just after wake up.
  • 2 times a week I was training in Parkour/Movnat, with lots of bodyweight training.
  • 1 time a week a climbing training.
  • Each day I was doing the Naked Warrior training.
About the S&S I started at 16kg for each exercise and when I stopped I was at 28kg for the swings and 20kg for the get-ups.

Injuries history:
During all these years, I had some injuries but nothing important.

This year, in November I started to have pain in my left shoulder and in my rib cage, but I continued all my trainings. Mid December I had to stop all my trainings because the pain was too much important. So, I went to a doctor that tells me that maybe I was overtrained so I had to rest. So, I stayed 4 month doing no sports, seeing physical therapists and waiting my pains decreases. In may pains were no longer present so I went back to my S&S training with a weight of 16kg. I have progressed to a weight of 24kg for the tow exercises during May and June and I also started to add some body weight or TRX training at lunch time at work. And at the end of June, pains were back and much more important than the first time. So, I saw again a doctor that diagnose me a tendinitis in both shoulders, so, once again, I stopped all the training to have session with a physical therapist.

So, that’s why I’m not training anymore, for now :).

My goals:
My goal is to obtain a more healthy and fit body, with more muscle and less fat. I would like to be maybe between 85kg and 90kg with 10-12% of fat. But the number are important for me, I’m not training only for the physical appearance, I’m training to have a functional body useful for everyday life, something like fire warrior, military, ninja warriors, etc. A fair balance between absolute power, relative power, agility, explosiveness, flexibility.

Why I chose these practices to achieve my goal:
At the beginning, I chose the S&S program a basis of my training because I love KB training, the program is simple to apply and it doesn’t take so much time every day (with my work I don’t have so much time for training). I wake up at 6:00 AM, train then shower and breakfast and go to work. It was a basis for power and cardio development.

I chose Parkour/Movnat as a way of learning how to move better in my environment, to be more agile and to be more explosive. I also find there, a hard bodyweight work in each class. And it is really fun, I really like to practice.

I chose climbing for 3 reasons as a complement of Parkour/Movnat, because I have many friends that climb and because my girlfriend climb alos and we were looking to a sport to practice together.

With these 3 practice, I didn’t notice changes in my body appearance or composition or in performance, so I decided to add some power training through the Naked Warrior program.

My future training:
So, once the injuries healed I would resume my training and I’m thinking of how to program it. And where you maybe can help me.

I would like to get back on the S&S program each morning as a basis of my training, with the goal to reached the 48kg KB.

I also would like to go back to my parkour training, 2 times a week at evening, as the training for explosiveness, agility and relative power (through bodyweight exercises) and for fun :).

Now I’m asking what to do in complement. The easiest way for could be to add training at lunch time. But because I don’t have access to my KB I only have two solutions: bodyweight/TRX training or get another subscription to a gym and train barbells. The first solution is the easiest for me and the cheaper but I’m not sure to follow it in winter. The second one is more expensive (the gym subscription) but the more comfortable and motivating. But only speaking about program I don’t know what is the most complementary solution to my other training or the most effective to get my goals…

So, what do you think of my training plan? Is it too much training in one week? Is it effective to reaches my goal? Is it ok to train in parkour or bodyweight the same days that I train S&S?

Thank you to all the people who will read all this post :).


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I think the best option is to incorporate all three disciplines of bodyweight, kettlebell and barbell.

To me it sounds like your parkour training should do well for the bodyweight part, although I admit that my knowledge of the sport is very limited.

For the kettlebell part I think S&S is the best option there is but RoP is an excellent program as well. I think those two programs do what the kettlebell does best.

For the barbell I recommend deadlifts first. Heavy squats would be nice as well. I see that these two movements benefit from the barbell the most.

One thing I don't see you address is loaded carries. They should be beneficial as well.

If you do the S&S program as I understand it, that it should leave you far more refreshed than it takes away from you, and that you should be able to concentrate on your sport with it as well, I see no reason to not be able to do other training at the same time. But, it could be a good idea for the future to plan some more intensive periods of each discipline on its own, like 4 weeks of bodyweight, 6 weeks of barbell and 8 weeks of kettlebell where you keep the other discplines to a minimum.

Anna C

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Welcome, @Sylvoster !

Your goals and your intensity in training take you to the edge of overtraining... It is so important to have your technique optimized. Have you had instruction from an SFG?


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@Antti :
Thank you for the advices, I will look at this.

@Anna C :
I have some problems with the concept of overtraining. In all my "fitness" life I never succed to see improvement (on my shape, on my performance or on my health), so at a time I thought I was not eating clean, so I cleaned my food. And still no improvement (maybe some weight loss but still 20% of body fat), so I thought that maybe I was training enough (at that time I only had 2-3 training of parkour, climbing or other things like that per week). So, thats why I decided to add the S&S program in addition to these training. Maybe I was in overtraining but I don't know and I'm not sure to able to recognize it.
About the SFG intruction, for now I didn't have any instruction, I'm trying to bring Alexey Senart (Senior SFG) to my parkour school to give us some seminar but it's not done yet. But I got corrected on the swing but not on the Get-Uo, by a friend that practice KB since maybe 10 or 15 years, I don't know, and had trained in StrongFirst Seminar in Europe many times in the past.
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