Question Tactical Get up - are there any standards?


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Hi, since I'm not able to perform Turkish Get Up I do Tactical variation of the exercise, and I'm wondering if there are some standards and goals to reach? Or is it possible to aim in Simple in Swings (and than in Sinister) without same goals in Get Ups?


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I would say that you could follow similar guidelines as far as the weight you are moving and if you wanted to get your tactical getups done in the traditional TGU time, when going for the timed standard.

If not, I would say just work on good form for the technique you are using and try to get as strong/mobile as you can in order to meet your goals. Strength, mobility and health should be the focus.


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Hi all,

Anyone able to clear up what a tactical getup actually is. I know the page it is mentioned on in Simple and Sinister. I just don’t understand it. I didn’t think it was an exercise per se and is more like a movement used by soldiers to get from the ground to standing??

Any clarity would be great as heard it mentioned a lot but never video or described.



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Awesome thank you. Looks crazy unstable! Wouldn’t fancy doing that with anything above 24!
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