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TSC Tactical Strength Challenge update

What’s the best program too train for the TSC?

When asking for training advice, you will get a better answer if you provide your current numbers, experience, rough age, time available to train, and other variables. You could be working on a 1.5 bodyweight DL or a 2.5. Do you need to polish your skills such as snatch and need a program to time your peak or do you need progressions, and volume to lay down a foundation? Can you do a strict tactical pullup according to TSC rules? Our answers would be different.
We will host a free event for May. There will be a leaderboard for the event. Big things to come, and will be announced during the October event. Registration will open on Strongest soon!
Hi Derek , Is there still going to be a free event coming in May? I didn't see any new updates. I just became aware of the changes to the event. Please advise. Thank you! Dawn
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