Tall Kneeling

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Recently watched a video with Gray Cook where he goes into detail on tall kneeling. I really like this drill, I can feel my hip flexors really fight me in this position. I got me thinking about really stretching out the hip flexors and then performing tall kneeling drills. I was thinking about doing the following.

Jon Engum's "Who needs more rotation?" stretch from Flexible Steel
2-3 sets of kneeling hip flexor stretches
Tall kneeling drill

Hoping this would allow some better extension while in the tall kneeling while locking it in with strength. Anyone think this would be a good progression?


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Step 1: Check out this article - The 4 Weeks to Flexible Steel Program
Step 2: Start tomorrow
Step 3: Finish all 4 weeks
Step 4: Report the impressive improvement
Step 5: If it works so good, continue!
Thank you for the response, I am very familiar with the program and I have his book and have had very good success with those techniques. I have FMS scores of 2 across the board, except for shoulder mobility were I have a score of 3. I can also put my knuckles flush on the ground in the afternoons. :)

My hip flexors are definitely my tightest muscles however. I like how tall kneeling really exposes the tightness in the hip flexors. Especially when following Gray Cook's instructions for the drill.


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I would even follow the tall kneeling drill with some form of squat or deadlift. Now that you have the range of motion, ingrain it!
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