Teaching the "Get Up"

Discussion in 'Masters (50+ years old)' started by wespom9, Apr 13, 2018.

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    Not a question per se about the TGU, but getting up in and of itself

    Majority of people I work with are 60+. They have trouble getting up and down off the floor. I work few the initial TGU progressions with them, however for most their is a big roadblock to kneeling, with it is arthritic pain, joint replacement, or other issues.

    Without teaching the actual Get Up, I'd be curious to hear how others coach older adults from the floor to a standing position without ever going into a kneeling stage. I've experimented with a chair or other supports to "hover" the down knee while using the upper body to support oneself but I am never 100% pleased with the outcome's quality. Any advice or experience with this is appreciated!
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    Not a coach here, but maybe something like - to speak animal flow lingo - "crab to underswitch to beast to squat" would work.

    The basic "Get Up" in this case is: When in a crawling position (4 point position) walk the hands back and try to get into a half squat or low hinge position. The "crab to underswitch" is just a way to transition from sitting to the 4 point position. Dunno if this helps :)
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    There are some good YouTubes on this. Basically, any way that they can get up off the floor is better than _not_ being able to get up off the floor. I had one person, both old and obese, who had to be near a wall in order to support himself as he got up. Find what they can do, make sure they won't hurt themselves doing it, and carry on.

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