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Kettlebell Technique: GU, Swing & Goblet Squat

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I admit that I wrote down lots of things on a paper, especially my issues. I pick up the first one, I solve, I pick up the second one, I solve, etc... This is a long ans slow process, but technique refinement is always helpful and interesting :)

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Gary Samuelian

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Aw! I'm glad this information was helpful in some way!

I'm constantly revising my notes, so maybe I will provide an update soon.

I'm a big believer of the drill is the skill, and the skill is the drill.

For the GU have your students use a yoga block or shoe to give them that "robotic" feel. External feedback is more useful then internal cueing.

For swing you can have them wrap a towel around the handle of the bell to prevent them from hinging to early and combining that with a push up, horn walk, or GS for stability at the top of the swing.

Lastly for GS Tim Anderson has some great videos on how quadruped rocking helps with squatting, or you can reverse pattern the squat like Grey Cook does.

Hope that can be an asset to you


Bret S.

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Is the full Fetal Position Roll SFG standard or is it simply two hands to upright supported?

Thanks in Advance
As of my cert date 3/2/18 the protocol is as @Anna C said up to the press up position. From there it is two hands to both press and lower the bell into position.
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