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Strong Endurance Templates #8-11: Intermediate Fibers’ Aerobic Training

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Hi, I’m really interest in Strong Endurance and I hope that i will attend SE or All terrain Conditioning course. Right now I’m on Q&D program with great results but seeking for more. My biggest interest are intermediate fibers templates 8-11 because there are for First Responders and Military. But could not find any articles or source of information except thread about Plan 60. If you could share some sources or guidelines? Like work:rest ratio, grinders or ballistic exercise, volume?

Taylor Rimmer

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The fast fiber templates are definitely still applicable to First Responder / Military. But to answer your question without spilling the beans, I think you could do well with this: to slide down the continuum from fast >>> intermittent, you would use less power and less rest, without running the “stop signs” (burn, talk test, change of technique, etc). Try the outline I posted about 060 in the other post!


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Here's what I would do if I wanted to use one of those templates to focus on intermediate fibers.

So I snatch the 24kg right now for q&d 044.
So I'm going down 1 bell size and I'll have more frequent sets.

16kg bell.
5 reps every 30 seconds
30 minutes total
Cut the session short if I fail the talk test.
3 sessions per week.

That said Q&D does apply to both fast fiber and intermediate fiber Adaptations. So, even if you stayed with Q&D, all is not lost. For most of us Q&D is bot the meat and potatoes and the creme de la creme of AGT.

For GPP, Rotating 6-12week blocks with A+A and straight 10x10, Victor protocol is a great way to go.
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James Sullivan

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I'd be happy to help you develop a protocol based on these templates. I sent you a direct message if you are interested.


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Since November I'm working on something that you outlined @Taylor Rimmer . Im using "talk test" and now at phase 2. And i feel unstoppable. I think that this protocol and Q&D is somethink that my body needs.
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