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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Oskarand, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. Oskarand

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    A weird question... I am doing teambuilding and this Thursday I am conducting one.

    I have a concept where we identify everyone´s strengths - what they are good at.

    As a warm-up I want to find out who is strongest in their office. How would you test this?

    My idea now is that they pick 4 that they think is the strongest and then I give them a water bottle they need to hold in front of them. The one that can hold the longest gets the award - strongest in the office.

    Does anyone have any other ideas on how to test this? (before we did a plank competition but it was difficult to control if anyone was cheating).

  2. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Arm wrestling!
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  3. Oskarand

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    But isn't a lot of technique also?
  4. Steve W.

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    Do you think that pitting people against each other and ranking them from strongest to weakest is an effective teambuilding strategy?

    In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzerald uses the following description to illustrate the entitled, condescending and obnoxious attitude of a character named Tom Buchanan:

    “Now, don’t think my opinion on these matters is final,” he seemed to say, “just because I’m stronger and more of a man than you are.”
    Will creating or anoiting a bunch of Tom Buchanans lead to a more cooperative group?

    If people are cheating, or incentivized or tempted to cheat, is this a good teambuilding strategy?
  5. Kaisersemmel

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    Easy, Bierkrugstemmen!

    On a more serious note: You could try a simple bent arm hang for time on a chin up bar if they are somewhat in shape. (no point if some of them can't even hold on to the bar)

    A more accessible alternative would be a wrist roller with your arms straight out. See who can complete it with the biggest weight without dropping his arms too much. Minimal equipment and instruction required and you can start real light.
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  6. Oskarand

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    Awesome. Bierkrugstemmen - perfect... .: )

    Stewe W - the whole point of the team building is to find out the different strengths that the team has. The strongest competition will be only 1 out of many. So the 24 people will be divided into 4 teams and then they have to pick 1 that they think is the strongest and then they will compete with each other. A team consist of individuals that have unique strengths and together they become even better 1+1 = 3.
  7. Steve W.

    Steve W. Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I understand the rationale, but disagree about the effect of this kind of activity...just saying.
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  8. ClaudeR

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    I fully support @Steve W. ’s rationale, if you think about it, building a team is rarely done by pitting individuals against each other...
    So mich for the theory, in practice the team building events I’ve been to are rarely more than fun day with full pay, so I like the Bierkrugstemmen thing a lot (y)

    For context, one of the events I attended was at a motorcycle race track... team building... think about it, there’s exactly one person that fits on a race bike... not much of a team ROFL
    I really really had a lot of fun that day though!ROFL
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  9. offwidth

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    I've done more teambuilding 'stuff' in business and industry, than I've had hot breakfasts.... it's all been ho-hum at best.
    The only real teambuilding I've personally seen work well was when I was in the army.
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  10. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    @Oskarand, a pointless exercise, IMO. Strength is specific, and all you'll find out is who is better at what you chose to test.

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  11. Oskarand

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    Thanks all for your input. Please note that this is 5 minutes out of 3 hours... I do this as a business and the client has asked for "fun and an energizer". The whole 3 hours includes many other exercises. The biggest part is a strength-based survey, where everyone gets to identify their top character strengths.

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