Texas Deadlift Bar?


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Hello all,

I am currently using a Texas Power Bar for my deadlifts.  I am curious to know if it would be of any benefit to purchase the Texas Deadlift Bar, or any other deadlift bar for that matter.  FWIW, my goal is a dbl BW dead.  Getting closer but still a ways off.  Thanks for any advice.


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If you’re not at 2x BW yet, you shouldn’t really need one nor will you probably get a lot of benefit from it IMO. One of the benefits of the DL bar is that it is easier to “pull the slack out of the bar” – however, from personal experience I feel that this doesn’t really happen until you get to the 350 lb range or so. I definitely notice a big different between a deadlift bar compared to a power bar once I’m above 400 lbs. With that said, I still do some of my training on a bar with minimal flex because I think there are benefits to be had by training on both types of bars.

Hope that helps!

Steve Freides

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Kevin, I asked the AAU what bar they used for their deadlifts at meets, and they told me about a bar Rickey Dale Crain sells called an Okie Bar.  I bought one and am very pleased with it.  The bearings on mine are a little loose from 10 years of being dropped but it still functions perfectly.  The kurling is sharp which, once you get used to it, helps you hold onto more weight.




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Kevin, I would agree with Tony in saying that you should not worry about special bars at this point. And, as a deadlift bar makes the lift a bit easier for most people (especially those who DL well over 500), it should be saved for specific meet prep if you are going to lift on that sort of bar.

fwiw, I did all my deadlifts using a squat bar for several months earlier this year and it did good things for me.
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