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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Patrickfeegan, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Patrickfeegan

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    Hey guys I have just finished reading simple and sinister.

    I have a 24kg bell which I am doing swings with and a 16kg bell which I am doing get ups with. T

    problem I have is I am struggling to get the form down for get ups at the minute. Would I ruin the program if I do get ups first until I have the form right?
  2. Oscar

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    Welcome to the forum Patrick.

    No problem in doing the get ups before the swings for a while. When you have the technique down go back to the normal sequence.

    You can take longer rest also. No need to do them on the minute.
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  3. PatrickW

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    Take longer rest periods if you can. Swings are done for power and TGU are done for strength. Power exercises should be done before strength.

    If time is an issue then just do them before. It may not be exactly as written, but sometimes you have to fit the program to your situation.
  4. Bauer

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    Welcome to the forum! Make sure to reread the book several times. There is too much info in just a few pages to take up at once.

    For example, like @Oscar said, don't time your daily workouts. The 5 + 10 minutes is just the measure for the test day.

    When I started a couple of months back I often did the TGUs seperately, either spread throughout the day or simply later because I needed to be fresh to learn the movement and to build the necessary work capacity.
  5. Shawn90

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    The exercise you struggle with most, should be done first. No you wouldn't ruin the program. Don't rush it. But at some point you want to do swings first, and focus on Power (Explosiveness)

    If you have problems with keeping your shoulder in the right position during the Get Up, then I'd trade in Halo's for Arm Bars as part of the warm-up.
  6. WhatWouldHulkDo

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    I like to say that the TGU is an exercise in taking punishment - it's as much about hardening the mind as the body, being able to maintain tension and technique when tired. For that reason, I think there is value in doing the TGU in a state of mild fatigue.

    Not true for swings. As others here have said, swings should be powerful - don't come into them fatigued, and rest enough to maintain power.

    Would you "ruin" the problem by switching the order? No. But I think that there's value in the prescribed order.

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