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Hi -

I know in the book it recommends a "light" swing day every three or so workouts (two-handed swings instead of one-handed). How about TGUs? Should you have a "light" TGU day like you do with swings?


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In version 1, the books mentions you can back off TGU weight on light days (when you're dragging your tail), but you can make up for it by doing extended holds at the main positions. Don't recall if version 2.0 mentions this or not. I couldn't think of any reason why that still wouldn't be valid.

Tim Randolph

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I would love to know the official SF guidance on this point. For me at least TGUs take a lot less out of me than swings, so I just keep chugging along with those even when I two-handed swing.

I have noticed that really that my grip really appreciates the easier day every 2 or 3 days and I love the extra speed too. This has been a game changer for me. It’s a really great program tweak.

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One of the beauties of doing the TGU regularly is I get attuned to a lot within me that goes into a successful TGU. This attunement helps me recognize when I need a light day or a rest day. If I were to ignore this, the risk of injuring myself would rise. But I'm with the TGU for the long haul and want to train to success, not to failure.


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When my working weight was 24kg, 16kg as a light day felt too easy. Switching to 2hs while keeping the get ups at 24 hit the spot.

But once I started to add sets with a 32kg, I felt that just switching to 2hs while keeping the get up weight(s) the same, was too much for almost daily training. Now Im using 24kg for both exercises 1-2 times a week as a light day and it seems to be just right. But this is still timeless session and not a test day.

I would suggest to try it out if you feel like it. Whatever keeps you coming back day after day and you feel its not too easy or too much.


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I think so. Particularly as you get up closer to what will be your "max" TGU.

On the other hand, if you do S&S "correctly and take the time you need between sets or reps maybe it isn't needed. I base this on the original S&S. Things have changed somewhat since then.

I don't think it hurts to either wave intensity or volume. One just can't max out each day. I find this important for myself whenever I get to a plateau.


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I just did my light get ups (24kg) with 10sec pauses in every position. Must say they weren`t as "light" as I expected. :D I didn`t notice the same effect with 16kg last year when I tried it out but this one was interesting. I actually ended up doing only 3 per side, since I wanted to have a light day and make sure Im ready to use 32kg tomorrow.
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