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Kettlebell TGU modification?

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I need some advice about TGU.
I have giantcell tumor in my right wrist and I can not hold my weight on that hand. I can not do pushups and other things that put axial pressure to my distal radius. I am waiting for surgery
Btw, I found that I can do TGU if I skip the part from elbow to hand. From elbow I go to spme sort of bridge on elbow and then to the knee.
I wonder how efficient is this sort of TGU, what will I get from this kind of TGU and what am I loosing.... Thanks.
From elbow I go to spme sort of bridge on elbow and then to the knee.

I believe I heard @Brett Jones describe on a podcast one time that he favors that exact variation, even had some wish that they had selected it for Kalos Sthenos.

I think you would get as much good as any other variation. Maybe even some other hidden benefits.
Thank you for reply.
I really don't want to quit doing TGUs and this is the only way I can do them.
I was doing windmills for some time but though they look like similar movement it just doesn't feel the same.
Many of us have to modify the TGU for different reasons. I'm doing squat-get ups instead of regular, for instance. You can get your form checked by an instructor to make sure you are not doing anything weird and that's it IMO. Why don't you post a video here?
@Oscar, thank you for reply.

I will sure consult SFG Team Leader Sasa Rajnovic, here in Rijeka, Croatia.

This was just an idea because until now TGU was my prime exercise and I do not see which exercise can substitute it adequatly. S&S is the program I was doing for few years and I never did better program before.

I will take the surgery very soon and after that I will consult instructor.

I just wanted to share my problem, the idea, and see if anyone has tried something like this before and what is the expirience.
I did a get up variation which might interest some. Having trained hard the day before, when I came to my get ups my first effort showed me my shoulders were too fatigued - but the rest of me was crying out for them, so I tried performing the get up with the bell in the rack position. Was possible gave me what I wanted, and additionally the weight in that position taught me lots about chest position and spine stability.
I am relatively new to KB training and would have thought those with experience have nothing to gain from trying this, whilst those still learning should practice correct technique... So consider this an observation rather than a recommendation!
I have done those a couple of times with students using those weighted bags that people sling over their shouders, sort of hugging it to the chest and shoulder. It's a lot like getting up off the floor while holding a baby.... a good skill to have. :)
Actually, I really should not put any axial stress on my wrist.
I started this thread beacuse I want to still do TGUs.

@Anna C, is there still available description from @Brett Jones... It would be very helpfull and motivating.
@Hogar# I think it was on a Strength summit of some kind that Scott Iardella put together last year and the content was only available for a limited time.

So I made you this video in the hot Mississippi sun. 4 get-ups:
- Left side get-up, to elbow without bridge
- Right side get-up, to elbow with high-hip bridge
- Left side get-up, regular without bridge
- Right side get-up, regular with high-hip bridge

I imagine you could do either of the first two as neither requires the down wrist, and you would get better at the elbow version with practice. It does require decent mobility and it's a challenge to get the knee under you...

@Brett Jones, can you take a look and let us know if this is what you had in mind for the elbow variation.... ?

@Anna C, this is awesome!!!
More then I expected.
Thank you very much for your effort! It is very helpfull.
The first variation is the one I've been trying to do.
Thank you again!
S&S mentions the 'tactical get-up' which is an armless variation - to allow military to rise from the floor whist controlling a rifle. Have a look at that section of the text.
I searched for a strong first video, but this was the closest I found :

It's a lot like getting up off the floor while holding a baby.... a good skill to have.
The KB rack training I've done allowed me to carry my (coincidentally also 16kg) daughter the half mile from the beach to the car. In the training, however the kettlebells weren't crying the whole time


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Aw... cute shirt, for a little 1 pood. :)
I am doing the TGU variation from elbow, as @Anna C posted in her video.
So far it is excellent solution for my problem! (Thank you again @Anna C )

I beleive that lot of people quit training in similar situations.
I see @Steve Freides has forum for people with knee problems.
Maybe it is not a bad idea to put together all this solutions and recommendations for people with different kind of locomotor issues. Perhaps to include some othopedists and physical therapists... just an idea.
Just saw this SF video online and was reminded of this thread
It's very similar to the ones above, but includes the 'tripod' position.
Posting here for completeness, ie for anyone in need in the future

Anna and everyone
Yes the low windmill (sweeping to the knee from the elbow instead of the hand) can be a great variation.

specific to what Anna mentioned about Kalos Sthenos - I was referring to the Bridge - meaning I like performing the "high bridge" at the elbow instead of the hand.
this prevents "over bridging" and getting into the lumbar vs. "Pure" extension at the hip
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