TGU weight progression update.


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First of all a thanks for those that offered advice on my previous post/question about increasing kb weight.

So I just decided to give it a go and see what happens.

I did a warm up rep each side with the 24.
Cranked up the Stolny Grad, big swig of Bang and...
Waited 60 seconds, grabbed the 32 with my left hand and....piece of cake.
60 seconds later on the right. The roll up was always my sticking point so there was some apprehension. problem whatsoever.
Continued 4 more reps each side with 60 seconds rest between reps.

I was somewhat amazed.

So...for those who are questioning moving up. At least in my experience, if you can do all 5 reps each side, not switching sides between reps, only rest for 30 seconds between reps and pause for 5 seconds at all 14 stages of the TGU you are probably ready and able to go up a kb. I went from 24 to 32 with relative ease.

Thanks again for the advice giriveks...
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