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Kettlebell Thanksgiving: pass the Kettlebell please.


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After a 2 hour, 24Kg/53lb ruck on Saturday at sea level we came up to Angel Fire, NM for Thanksgiving. Rucked the same pack 6+ miles yesterday at 8400~8700’ elevation to see how the atmosphere would affect me and was pleasantly surprised that it was minimal. I will likely ruck again today. Brought my 16kg, two 20’s, a 24, 32, and 40. Will likely jerk and snatch those Thanksgiving morning and either ruck again or jerk again Friday.
Beast 24kg is no joke. Did a 5 mile ruck a few weeks ago (mostly uphill) and I was beat for a week. My sack was only 35lbs though.

Steve Freides

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Do you all use the Thanksgiving Holiday break from your work-a-day life to do MORE workouts?
Or do you just spend time with family and take a break from Kettlebell as well as work?
I had a successful PL meet last weekend. I am still in the mode of rest as much as possible, lift as little as possible, eat as much as possible.

Lots of family time: holiday dinner with mother-in-law, dessert with cousins we love and always laugh with, lunch the next day with good friends I first met in 1974, both our grown kids home for the weekend - the good life. Easing back into lifting tomorrow afternoon.

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