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The “Hit the Target” Fat Loss Plan

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Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
I've been down to 215 with the T nation Velocity diet but I agree with what you said. That was 'weight' loss but I feel like this is more fat loss.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
Well back to 230 again after the jolly day increase to 234.

Interestingly I'm losing weight more slowly after the smaller rebound from a moderate jolly day than I did from an absolute blowout.

I'll probably still hit my next increment of weight loss after the exact same number of days as with previous heavier jolly days.

Training is going really well I think so still no issues with energy or mood.

I'm excited to get back into the 20's (227.5 is my next day off).

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
The bad news is I've yet again been stranded around the same weight for ages. I dipped into the high 20's which was nice... but then went up a pound and have hovered.

Still 229 after a few days. The jolly days are definitely slowing down these last weeks.

The good news is the simplicity of the diet means I don't care. Not hungry and not too bothered about the 'wait'. I know it is working and I'm not really craving the day off like the first weeks.

Training is good although recovery is definitely a bit slower.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
After 11 days wait!

227.0. My jolly day was due at 227.5 so I'm happy.

My food choices will suck today but I am at peace with this fact. I'm anticipating a long wait for 225 so want to make the most of it.

I would like to note the diet as written does not condone what I'm doing so don't copy me.

Richard Bath

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The day was BAD, but only gained 4.8ld.

Down two of them already. I'm a big guy so my weight changes pretty dramatically. Also I was eating a lot of ratatouille and I think I'm intolerant to aubergine...

I feel ALOT better for having stoped eating it.

Just for updates here is my weight over the last wee while.

1 242
2 241.4
3 239.4
4 243.2
5 239.6
6 240
7 239.6
8 236.8
9 242.2
10 240.6
11 238.6
12 237.6
13 237.6
14 236.6
15 234.2
16 239.6
17 236.8
18 237.6
19 235
20 234.8
21 234.6
22 234.4
23 232.8
24 231.4
25 238.8
26 236.8
27 234.4
28 232.2
29 232.8
30 232
31 230
32 234.8
33 234.2
34 233
35 231.2
36 230.2
37 230.2
38 229.2
39 230.6
40 229.8
41 229.8
42 227
43 231.8
44 231
45 230

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
This is pretty awesome.

After stalling between 230.2 and 229.8 for seven days I got my jolly day went NUTS (doughnut apocalypse) and then shot up to 231.8 again worried it would plateau again.

And I've been dropping weight like it was going out of fashion ever since. A pound a day give or take and I'm 225 already five days later.

I'm going to properly test my theory that the doughnuts actually helped (it resets your leptin levels dude I HAVE to eat like this) by actually sticking to the diet.

I've got many avocados and loads of nuts, a couple days worth of the protein I've been eating and lots of fruit. Today's jolly day will just be as much of the diet foods as I want instead of gooey sugary s##t like usual.

One way or the other this is pretty awesome. 5 pounds from my 'target' of 220 pounds and I'm just going to reset the numbers and keep on going as I don't feel like I need a break.

I've been down at 215 with a crash diet so I'd like to get past that as my next waypoint. I think at that point I was aiming for 195 but couldn't face any longer on that diet so I guess that's the target again. I'm a broad shouldered 6 foot 4 so I think 195 would be pretty lean.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor

A cheat day made up entirely of extra helpings of cashews, avocado, lean protein and fruit.

Only gained 0.4ld rather than the usual 6ld.

Then gained 0.6ld the next day eating right.

Then 0.2ld the next day.

If I gain as of tomorrow I'll be very sad. Doughnuts and bacon next jolly day I guess. Seems to do the job.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
A wee update but little to report.

After my noble jolly day my weight has gone up and down within a pretty small margin. It's up from yesterday in fact.

I've only got one more target (220) after this one (222.5) and I know this will take awhile. When I restart with lower numbers I'm going to give the Viking Warrior Conditioning program another spin to keep the ball rolling.

It will 'muddy' my diet experiment but I think it will benefit my results and get to me to 195 faster.

46 226.4
47 225
48 225.4
49 226
50 226.2
51 224.4
52 225.8
53 224
54 223.2
55 223.8

Hopefully 222 comes soon. I'm going to wait for that rather than 222.5 as that will be the full 20ld weight loss in 8 weeks.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
Technically I didn't hit 20ld in 8weeks. Took 57 days (8wks and 1day) to hit 222.2.

But that's still awesome considering my lack lustre training and way overboard jolly days... I went back up to 227ld after the last one.

I'm impressed and shocked how simple it seemed.

Another few days of the current diet to get me from today's 224 to 220 and then I'll drop the numbers and carry on.

I've started training Rite of Passage again and doing a session or two Viking Warrior Conditioning to expedite this second cycle.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
It's rotated wrong but... woo, 219.6.

22.4ld down. Going to just carry on.

Jan you are probably right. My excuse is that I have previously completed the RoP with 28kg (the weight I'm restarting with) and am keeping VWC to the 16kg which feels easy enough on the muscles and joints.

No plans to really PUSH either, just enjoying the scenery.


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Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
Thank you very much guys.

I'm not done yet though. At 218.6 and going to stick at it.

Now my wrist is healed up and my training is consistent I've noticed I'm hungrier than before. I've often munched through my points by late afternoon/early evening and have been having a mixed salad as a nightcap.

Not a big issue but an interesting change. The VWC V02max program worked fat loss wonders last time I tried it so I know it does something (over 1000 snatches in a week bloody should do something even if they are light).

Alexander Halford

Level 7 Valued Member
Congratulations, this is a great way and result.

I'm also used something like HTT, the differences were 1. No points system or calories intake counting, just the principle of portion size - palm size for proteins, same or up to x2 for veggies, 4 meals a day; 2. Complex carbs once a day before heavy training - oatmeal or buckwheat, small portion. Went to 225 fro 242 in ~6 weeks. That's with average of 4 trainings a week.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
Was that a named diet or just sensible eating?

I like having numbers, black and white and no decisions.

I'm DEFINITELY getting hungrier. No downturn in performance or 'wellness' but definitely hungrier. I'm technically still 218 but I've had a day off and am now heading back down towards 216.

I'm adding lots of extra salad and veg but it's a fairly hollow substitute to meat and nuts.

Alexander Halford

Level 7 Valued Member
I'd say it was more common sense than something structured, just basing on the general knowledge of how the proteins, fibers and carbs affect the diet in a different ways. Of course I was familiar with some modern programs, but I hate to be limited to something, therefore I took my own race. No known diet can predict your hunger levels, your physical or mental load, sleep hours, etc. For me it's always highly variable.
Yes, getting hungrier is unavoidable, in my case I getting on with a LOT of veggies (mostly broccoli, asparagus and bell peppers), and fat - either from nuts, avocado, fish or raw bacon.

Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
Heyho all. I'm still going strong in case anyone is still following. I'm 217ld for the 4th time.

First after pushing 220s day back by 3 for a wedding and dropping extra. Second when falling to 218 jolly. Then again for 216.

Now I'm back here on the way to 214.

So TECHNICALLY I'm the same weight I was over a month ago but also getting told by a student I've not seen in a week I'm way leaner. So who knows.

I'm happy enough.
Presses going as per RoP progression back to where they were pre knackered hand.
Managed a 5:10 second snatch test fairly 'casually'.
Viking Warrior Conditioning with 16kg for 60 sets of 8 was okay.

I guess I would like a bit more food but hardly desperate and the steady progress is too good to not stick with. I'm also far less focused on the cheat days. There are kinda like Christmas, I know they are coming so I just enjoy the wait.

My weight has gone a bit berserk since the 8week mark and training properly again. Spikey spikey graph. Maybe I'm getting more glycogen depleted between cheat days and that's causing the major difference between lowest and highest weights? Maybe I should stop eating so much icecream on my jolly day.

One for the philosophers I guess.


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Richard Bath

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Certified Instructor
I'm 215.6 today and despite being pretty upbeat about everything last week/this weekend I'm suffering today...

Gagging for some carbs. Not even sugary rubbish cravings. Oats... a banana. Anything.

I'm super thirsty and have been peeing all day so that usually implys depletion and a big drop in weight. I only need to get 1.6ld off and I get a cheat day.

Here's hoping.
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